Relax your eyes from Computer Eyestrain by 20-20-20 rule for reducing Eyestrain

This article shows how you can relax your eyes from computer eyestrain.

If you work long hours in front of the computer screen, your eyes get tired and you may have dry eyes sometimes, followed by redness.

The 20-20-20 rule may help you to relax your tired eyes and reduce Computer Eyestrain.

The rule is something like this.

To protect your eyes from computer eye straining I would recommend (as suggested by doctors) try to take a break of 20 seconds after every 20 minutes if you are working for long hours on the computer.

If you are working at home on your computer, then you should take a break of 5 minutes after every 30 minutes.

There are many things to do (which you can complete in this 5 minutes break)…

  • Eat some snacks
  • Prepare tea of coffee for yourself
  • Go to talk  to your spouse, parents or kids
  • Have a little walk
  • Go to  the balcony and see what’s happening in and around you
  • Go to the kitchen and drink a glass of fresh water
  • Check what your child is doing?
  • Like this, you can do many more things…

Do anything, but try to move your eyes from your computer screen and don’t check your mobile in these 5 minutes (as mobile’s screen is also digital).



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