Joke on “Round the clock services” (The Corporate Hotel Review)

My job (blogging) demands working into the late hours of the night. So whenever I need to work overnight, I prefer staying in a hotel to avoid disturbances.

Last night I booked a room in, “The Corporate Hotel, Greater Kailash Enclave- 1, New Delhi” and I was charged with Rs 1500.

Since I need to work late, I have become somewhat of a caffeine addict and need a black coffee every hour.

At around 7pm, I asked the receptionist to arrange for a kettle or a cup of coffee every hour. After waiting for my order for what seemed like an eternity, I called up the kitchen after 9pm, and repeated my order. But they blatantly replied that the kitchen was closed for the day. I checked out the menu card for beverages and what caught my attention in there was a heading which read, “Round the clock”. I almost scoffed at the play of affairs, for the hotel was not providing anything after 9pm, but the receptionist kept promising me my order within 30 minutes.

At around 12:30am, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I went down to the reception and began demanding my order. I asked for the manager who as I informed, was peacefully sleeping at home. I finally lost my calm, for my patience had been tested enough and vehemently began behesting for my order. I was adamant that I needed my order within 2 minutes. The receptionist, realizing that he could no longer handle the situation, asked a waiter to provide me with two flasks of hot water, coffee and sugar pouches.

Final review of The Corporate Hotel, Greater Kailash Enclave- 1: The rooms and the interiors of the hotel were okay, but their service was harrowing. Even the same day during lunch, I was provided the salad after 2 calls (after I had almost finished my lunch). Breakfast was also pretty average.


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