Life is filled with nice people if you can’t find one be one

Don’t look for goodness outside it lies within you, Life is filled with nice people if you can’t find one be one.

 Don’t look for goodness outside it lies within you

We all have numerous expectations from others, as others have expectations from us. When these expectations are unfulfilled or not up to our expected level, we usually get disappointed or unhappy. We start get negative vibes about the person who is unable to fulfill our expectations. What we need to remember in such situations is that the world is filled with good people, we need o keep our eyes and mind open. And even after doing so we are unable to find a person good enough as per expectation, and then the best thing to do is to be a good person yourself. Because it is believed that if you do goods then it will come back to you from others.

It is said that if w are good to people they in return are good to us. You can be their role model and can guide them in the path of goodness. You look or search for people who will be good to you, be the one with good intentions, deeds and let people see your goodness. Just don’t act to be good to impress people. Be a good person with pure and true thoughts and actions, so that you feel happy from inside. Be good to make your soul happy and contended. A person who is true and pure from within can never hurt the feelings of others; people will always appreciate their efforts and deeds.

It is also true that in some cases people who are good o others may not receive the same in return. People may ignore his goodness and in turn hurt him by their deeds.  They may also have to face harsh situations at times. But one should not move away from the path of goodness, just because he did not get the expected responses from others. He has o be strong and move on the path of goodness even in adverse situations; then only he can live a fulfilling and contended life. The best way to tackle such a situation is by having a strong will power, which will help him not to focus on such negative aspects. He should follow his own instincts and qualities. Goodness is a virtue, which can’t be done away with negative feelings. It is an innate quality which can’t be erased by some dire consequences and situations.

If you want to be happy in others, don’t look for goodness outside, look for it within you. If you are pure at heart and are good to others, it will surely come back to you in some way in the future. Be good and work for the welfare of the society, so that it becomes a much better place to live in. Let others follow your footsteps and guide them through the path of goodness, be an example for them to follow. If you look deeply you will find that everyone has some goodness hidden within them. The problem with some people is that they are unable to recognize it. Help them to recognize it and bring it out. Life is filled with good people all we need to do is unwind it to make the world a better place to live



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