How to tackle a demanding and difficult boss?

Work stress has become part of everyone’s life now a days. One has to constantly struggle between responsibilities of home and office. Tension and stress at work place increase when one has to deal with a difficult and highly demanding boss or superior. Many find it difficult to handle such a situation and become anxious and sometimes lose their working efficiency under pressure.

So today let me provide you with certain tips which will help you to deal with a highly demanding boss.

  • Try to understand what exactly he wants from you and what is he exactly expecting. Understand the work, the process in which it is to be done and try to figure out what outcome is required and expected from your side.
  • If you have some doubts regarding anything related to the project, feel free to ask him, rather than doing things in a wrong way.
  • Try to improve your relationship with your boss. Try explaining to him where you are stuck up or where you need guidance. Ask him where you went wrong; avoid making the same mistake again and again.
  • Know your boss, his personality and the ways he likes o get his projects done, try and inculcate those qualities and traits in yourself, so that you can land up in his good books.
  • While communicating with your boss watch your words, expressions and body language, use them tactfully. Be precise in what you have to say.
  • Be focused on your work. Finish all work within the deadline. Make a habit of developing daily progress reports and submit it to your boss regularly.
  • Stay focused on your work and the objectives of the company, avoid unnecessary gossips and activities which distract you.
  • Avoid doing any personal work during office hours.
  • Be punctual to office, and if sometimes your boss asks you to stay a bit late at office and complete an urgent assignment, don’t refuse or argue. Finish your work quickly and leave with his permission.
  • Work under the guidance of your seniors, learn from them and assist him by working hard to achieve the goals and objectives. Be attentive, supportive and helpful while working with him.
  • Make a habit of making notes. Notes of important points, tasks, deadlines and conversations that you have had with your boss. This will not only help you in keeping track of tasks, requirements; but will alo help you keep updated on pending work demanded by your boss and the way they are to be done.
  • Be tactful in documentation. Manage and organize all documents in a professional manner. Develop formats for documentation. Be clear on facts
  • Be analytical about future outcomes and problems. Try to work out alternate solutions for the anticipated problems; so that you are able to handle problematic situations tactfully.
  • You should allow your emotions to overpower practicality. Maintain professionalism and have control over your emotions and feelings. For instance if you feel that you might get emotional while talking to your seniors, take a break and resume interaction later. If you think that you are getting frustrated or angry, calm down, remain silent, don’t raise your voice or argue in any manner. Cool down and retain interaction later.
  • Many a times you may have face criticism and harsh conditions. Be prepared for it, don’t revert back I a negative way. Take criticism in a positive way and improve yourself on that aspect. Listen to what your boss has to say and try and explain your point of view.

After trying out these things, still if your relationship with your boss doesn’t improve then you can do the following things:

  • Keep your interaction limited. Don’t face him until it is very urgent.
  • You can talk to higher ups about the tensed relationship with your boss, and give them time to analyse the situation and circumstances.
  • Remember that you can never change a personality of a person easily, therefore if possible try to adjust till the last level.
  • Complain about your boss to superiors if you think that you are being discriminated on the basis of gender, caste, religion or race. You can also approach the Human Rights Commission for justice.

Everyone has to face difficult circumstances at the work place at some point of their life. The best solution is to give your level best to maintain harmony and work efficiency. Handling a demanding boss is stressful, still one should try out all alternatives to maintain compatibility and work efficiently. Try to understand why his behavior is like that, maybe

  • He has to finish a project within a given deadline.
  • He has to answer his superiors regarding the progress of the project.
  • He too is going through stressful and difficult times.
  • He is indirectly forcing you to do away with your negative aspects and enhance your skills and performance.

Analyse the situation and then take any action. Try to maintain a healthy relationship with your boss and enhance your work efficiency to fulfil the goals and objectives of the organisation.


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