Coffee, Rain & My Blogging Workplace….

I was at Nehru Place L’Opera as usual, I sit here every day, drink my coffee and spend most of the time to write.

Yesterday evening, I ordered an Americano as a routine of my hankering and asked the coffee maker to make it strong. I immediately returned to my place in the wake of giving the order and continued my writing work again. And, wow it started raining (don’t you all think, rain most possibly fills hues in our world, you just need a correct angle to see it). 

The coffee arrived. 

As I was sipping my coffee and loving its good taste, it began to rain heavily, and now there was also a hail storm. This was a sight as I stood in the middle of the mountains with the icy air surrounding me, water drops hit my face and body, and the tiny frozen water balls on the floor seemed like snow. I started staring everywhere I could see at droplets on the leaves. 

All melt freezes in the rain and becomes fresher and more stunning. 

“Yeah, the never-ending mix of my coffee, rain and blogging”.

Blogging workplace

Blogging workplace

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