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At Least You Have a Girl to Buy Chocolates For (The funny chocolate story)

The funny chocolate story

One day I was going to meet a girl, as I wanted to wish her belated birthday. I planned to buy some chocolates for her. Since I don’t like chocolates so I didn’t have the slightest idea which brand would be better? I was going to meet the girl for the first time, so couldn’t even ask her which chocolates she liked the best, and which ones I should buy for her.

Don’t give your phone to Hotel receptionist to show Booking ID


An incident happened with me in Hotel Apple Pie, C-86, Noida Sector -30, UP. I booked a hotel from OYO for a night, because I had a meeting in the Noida and I had to stay there so that I can also work the full night.

I booked it after seeing their ratings, ratings were “4.7” out of “5.0”, after check-in, I realized that their ratings should not be more than “3.5” due to their hospitality, and other things.