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Charging point available – Not for laptop charging

This is really very tough for a blogger (who is crazy for blogging like me – Ha Ha Ha!!!) to write blogs or working on a laptop in a Train (Sleeper coach). (see the below image)

On 22nd February 2018, I was travelling to my hometown (Gwalior), I worked for half an hour, since my laptop was not charged and I had to work (because journey time is around 5 hours and it is sufficient time for a blogger – who is a full-time employee in another company) on updating, writing etc.

Unable to think any new blog to write

Today is Sunday and I am trying to write a new blog on this website (since, I have updated 7 articles on IncludeHelp – which were written by our technical content writers), unfortunately, I am unable to think any new topic to write…

What I did (between 9 am to now)

  • I fixed some of the ad placements on IncludeHelp.

Sometimes time is a barrier in blogging

I am a full-time employee of a company and manage three websites simultaneously, it becomes really tough for me to manage all the websites with the full-time job.

Due to a shortage of time, sometimes I am not able to:

  • Take breakfast in the morning.
  • Make a call to my parents and friends.