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Need a .Net developer for few hours

Hello friends,
I need a .Net developer for IncludeHelp!
Here is the requirement,
I have a database and created a table with 3 fields, the developer needs to be write code to insert the value in these fields and code to display top 10 records.
It would be good if I can get options to remove and others.

Tips to manage blogs (websites) with full time job

I wrote this blog especially for those who are working full time in any company and run their website(s). I know it becomes tough to manage the website(s) while you’re working full time.

I think I can give practical tips on how to manage blogs with a full-time job, as I am working full time in a company and managing my three websites.

Sometimes time is a barrier in blogging

I am a full-time employee of a company and manage three websites simultaneously, it becomes really tough for me to manage all the websites with the full-time job.

Due to a shortage of time, sometimes I am not able to:

  • Take breakfast in the morning.
  • Make a call to my parents and friends.

Success Mantras for a blogger

Nowadays everybody wants to become a successful person and wants to earn money and fame. Blogging is one of the best ways to fulfill your dreams; blogging gives you both money and fame. But your blogs must be successful and should attract a lot of viewer traffic.

Hello friends, today I am here with some points (facts) about blogging if you want to become a successful blogger and earn fame and money.

Now DUGGU is on WordPress

Before moving to WordPress, I was using ASP.Net and there was no Content  Management System, I had to manage everything myself.

This was very hectic for me and I was not able to focus other things like article writing, editing etc. The complete time was wasting to manage the posts.

Since I lost more than 350 blog, but I will add them here one by one.