Today’s Beverage for Work (Starbucks Hathikuli Tea)

It is pleasant weather today but my health was not pleasant this morning as I woke with a sore throat and running nose so rather than choosing my regular coffee to drink this morning I chose to drink the Traditional drink from the Tata Starbucks menu i.e., India Spice Majesty Blend Organic Tea – Hathikuli Estate.

About the India Spice Majesty Blend Organic Tea – Hathikuli Estate

It is the traditional tea that Tata Starbucks has to offer and it comprises spices such as Cardamom (Elaichi), Ginger(Adrak), Tea, Chai Masala, Clove(Laung) filled in a pot with hot water and once can enjoy its flavour using the hot press method. Served with steamed milk along with sweetness options such as sugar, brown sugar, jaggery, and naturally sugar-free. It is a serving for approx 4 cups of tea (150 ml each).

Starbucks Hathikuli Tea

One must surely try this beverage that Tata Starbucks is offering and it is a must-have for Tea Lovers.
And while enjoying this beverage my sore throat was completely cured as the spices must have done their job.Thanks,
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