This post is about a very special person in life, my inspiration, my powerhouse of strength, MY DAD. My dad is my support system; the one person I know will always have my back. He is a simple farmer who has worked unflaggingly all his life. He kept his nose to the grindstone to fulfil all our demands to his best possible capacity. He has enkindled high morals values in me and always incited me to work harder each time I lost hope.

He is a fighter, for no impediment can stop him for doing what he wants to. He is 75 and still works in the farm for age, is no barrier for him. He is also quite an inquisitive person and loves to learn or do new things.

For instance, when I went back home this holi, he got pretty curious about what I was doing on my laptop, so I went ahead and explained certain basic things to him. AND the best part here is, I even got him to type his name.

Here are the pictures, DAD took the laptop and typed his name with the help of my nephew & niece (mom is also there)…

my aegis (my dad)
Me (left), DAD (Learning keyboard keys) & Mom,
my aegis (my dad)
DAD started typing (Niece is helping him)
my aegis (my dad)
Nephew & Niece are explaining the keys orders

my aegis (my dad)
Finally, typed his name…

my aegis (my dad)
In the farm: Me (laid down), Father (sat beside me) – explaining about the family’s current situation.

As I have mentioned earlier, if he sets his mind to something, there is no force which can dampen his spirits. He has always propelled me to follow my dreams and never asked me to join the farm. I grew up to one of his most frequented dialogues, “Kisan ka beta 18 saal ki umar me Ghar chalane layak ho jaata hai“. By this he meant, “a farmer’s child grows up witnessing all kinds of hardships and so by the time he is 18, he is savvy enough to run the family”. I have always looked upto to him and whenever I run out of wisdom, I know exactly where to go. He was, is and will always remain my polar star.


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