I drank, I ran, I conquered

“Life is a stage,
and there are stages of life,
Life is a phase,
and there are phases of life,
so I choose not to go with all,
and let’s just put one foot forward,
I drank, I ran, and I conquered.

I saw this image in the Epicuria Mall, Nehru Place, Delhi NCR, and it strikes me a bit harder. How our day starts mostly? For a whole lot of people, it’s like an unfizzy lazy day. They wake up on alarm, or just snooze it and sleep again. For another crowd, it starts actively, healthy and fresh. They wake up early in the morning, go to the park for a walk, or to run and do exercises.

I drank, I ran, I conquered

Same days, same times, one at the bed, one in the park, one sitting, one running, one walking and one peeing. HAHA. Life is so variant but beautiful.

I found this picture interesting. It was like it is saying something to me. It is saying to wake up and do your job done. It is said that 20% of your work is getting done in the morning if you get awake early. Why waste time sleeping when you actually can complete your whole lot of work in the early day time.

To walk in the park, to run is one thing; many people are seen with their pets, roaming around or playing with them. So a thought came to my mind that morning is a great time as well, to spend your time with your loved ones. It’s both adventurous and refreshing.

I learned a lot from this picture. It taught me that life is not only about sitting beside your computer and doing your work, but it also’s about life and life is not only about one thing, but it’s also about everything and for us to enjoy everything. The 24 hours is given to us in a day, why don’t we utilize it fully. Why we just waste it sleeping or doing nothing.

Getting up early, going for a walk, doing exercise or anything alike, gives you a health bonus. Spending time with your loved ones gives you a relationship bonus. Working hard and smart on your job or business give you a financial bonus. Sleeping is a necessity, not what you should long for all day.

I think we should utilize our whole day giving us all the health, relationship and financial bonus and not just one or two. This picture taught me many things, I believe it will work the same with you.

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