Which Hosting Service To Choose For Small Businesses

What is the first step to take when you want to develop your own website? An idea that you believe in. What is the second step? A plan that you will follow to build it and then make it successful. After that development of the website is initiated and it is a long process. You need to hire the best developers for your website if it is your dream project. It is not something that can be done with basic knowledge so for that, you have to hire the developers who are experts.

That’s why it is better if you yourself have some basic knowledge about the languages that you want your developers to use. It will make it easy to understand whatever the developers want to do. Design is also important, both the front end and the back end of the website need to be perfect. The code needs to be free from all errors and the design needs to be simple yet attractive. Now, the next step after the website is created is finding a hosting service. You have to buy a domain name and then host your website on the internet to make it available for your prospects. All the further steps of the plan are executed after the website is live on the world wide web. We are witing this article from the perspective of hosting for small businesses. Below are some of the best hosting service providers:


This is one hosting service that we think is at the top level. They provide all the things that are essential for a small business website. They provide the websites with high server speed that is <300ms. The data on the websites is also backed up every night that provides enterprises with data security. The owners can select from US and EU servers. If they face any problem they can directly contact on call or email. There are different plans for different types of websites that the owners can choose.


We think that you know about this one. This website that has ads all over the internet and they are also providing the services they say about in their ads. They are not someone who just says. Shopify really provides its clients with the best hosting services in the market. They also provide the feature of mobile responsive sites, this is something that is not available with all the hosting services. They provide hosting services from individuals to enterprises. The prices are different but reasonable for everyone. This is one of the few hosting services that does what it says.


They have so much experience in this field and they have many clients. With a count of more than 10 lakh website hosting, they are undoubtedly one of the best. This is not like the basic hosting services on the internet, it is a bit innovative and has some server features. The users can also use their chat-support to solve their queries. The only thing that makes people think twice is the price of the hosting plans. Their hosting plans are a bit costly than other hosting services. Their plan rates might be high but their services are better and og higher quality than that.


This hosting service started in 2004 at Lithuania. The hosting website grew popular slowly and now is one of the biggest hosting websites. They offer to host plans as low as 0.99 dollars per month. This amount is not so much for a small business. They also provide many other services that are helpful for enterprises. These websites also help enterprises when they face any problems related to hosting. Their customer support system is smooth and smart. 

Source: https://www.buildthis.io/best-web-hosting-for-small-business/

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