Best way to motivate your employees – “Recognizing and rewarding employees”

If your employees are unable to produce expected results on time, then it’s time to motivate them.

In this blog I’m with a great idea to motivate your employees. (most of the companies are following this way, but if you are not following you should read this blog and follow this idea and see the results)

In previous blogs, I have already written that “Employees are not machines; they are human having their own expectations and goals”.

You should take care of their expectation and help them to fulfil their goals, it’s true they are working for you but they are also giving multiple values of your payments; you should behave them gently and motivate regularly.

What you should do?

You should recognize the employees who are working seriously and giving their output on time and make some policies to reward them based on their performance, punctuality, discipline (there may be other parameters too). But the thing is “you should recognize employees and reward them”.

How you can reward them?

  • You should arrange a conference with all managers, employees and announce the name of the employees who are being rewarded by the company.
  • You can increase their salaries.
  • You can give them an extra amount as incentive.
  • You can give certificates, trophies or other gifts.
  • You can promote their current position (post/designation).

Do whatever you can do in the favour of specific employees who are really hardworking and valuable for the company.

How rewarding can motivate other employees?

  • When you will start recognizing and rewarding them in front of all employees other employees (who are lazy or unable to produce expected results) will definitely start working hard to get these special rewards.
  • Hardworking employees (Who were rewarded) will be more confident and loyal for their work and company as they won’t lose their position. They will work more to get the rewards again.

There are many other ways to motivate your employees, but this way is outstanding as everybody work to get higher position and higher salary.


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