Small Celebrations, Endless Joy

I have been coming to Starbucks, Nehru Place everyday since a few years now. I start my days with a hot cup of coffee and spend the entire day working with a view. Someone once asked me why I choose to sit in Starbucks and work here instead of sitting in a cabin of my own office. My answer was simple- I prefer working under the sky, where I get to meet new people everyday. It helps me work better and the coffees are an added bonus.

So today we are celebrating my home away from home. The day started off like any other day, but as the day progressed, I got to be a part of a small celebration that took place in this very Starbucks. Along with the baristas who greet me everyday, I was welcomed by a couple of new faces from different branches. There was so much laughter and joy as they put on some amazing acts for their customers.

For this special occasion, they put on a comedy show for their customers and employees. It was a beautiful gesture to celebrate small milestones. It was not something people were expecting when they walked into the store for a sip of coffee or a bite of their favourite pastry, but I can confidently say that everyone smiled a little brighter when they left. The employees had decorated a small section of the counter with flowers and coffee beans. They had put coffee bags on the counter along with a hamper specially curated for coffee lovers like me. As a token of gratitude, they gave their customers free Starbucks tumblers to personalise their celebrations and to show their customers how grateful they are to have them as a part of their lives.

This place, where I spend most of time, has become very special to me. The people who work there have become friends, and some who come visit every evening have become extended family. It warms my heart to be have been able to be a part of this celebration. So tell me, what could be better than an evening of comedy and some coffee?

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