How to prepare oneself for a vacation trip?

This article has some ideas to plan a vacation trip in a better way; these ideas prove to be helpful to the viewers in planning a vacation trip to and preparing an itinerary for the same.

  • When booking tickets for the vacation destination one should look for all options like air road and rail. He/she should select that option which they think is best suitable for them. This judgment can be made on the basis of one’s budget, comfort level and the duration of the vacation.
  • Foreign tourists need to carry along with them, their identity cards, Visa, and other such important documents; also remember to apply for travel insurance in advance.
  • It is advisable that for safety and security concern one should avoid carrying much gold and cash along with them. One can withdraw cash from numerous ATMs like ATMs of PNB, federal bank, ICICI, HDFC, Axis and SBI and so on. Carrying credit cards is also a good option.
  • Always carry ID cards, emergency contact numbers, and other significant papers along with you. IDs cards are essential at the airport, and at the time of hotel check-in.
  • It is advised that one carries mineral water while traveling and avoid drinking water from taps and wells. Also carry relevant medicines for stomach ache, headache, loose motions, vomiting, fever etc and also a first aid kit.
  • Foreign tourists may experience jet lag, therefore it is recommended that to habituate themselves according to the travel destination time zone one or two days before they arrive at the destination.
  • It is also advised that when one is taking a packaged vacation tour, one should opt for breakfast only packages; as one might be out on tour at the time of lunch or dinner; or one might want to eat out if one may not like the hotel food.
  • Remember to carry warm clothes and a light jacket, if you are planning to visit places which are cold, also carry an umbrella, for places which get rainfall or excess heat to prevent suntan. Also carry caps, leech socks, sunscreens, sunglasses, mosquito repellents etc while traveling. People planning for hill stations and trekking areas can carry walking shoes or sneakers; for beaches, any type of flip-flop will do.
  • While having food try to avoid spicy food which may upset your stomach. Also, try and have light food at the beginning of your trip so that your stomach gets time to adjust to the local food.
  • If you plan to travel through a vehicle then choose a vehicle in accordance with the number of persons. If there are three to four people then a small vehicle like an Indica or Wagon R would be better, else a bigger vehicle would be required for more travelers. One can also reserve a small bus or van with different seating arrangements for a larger group of people.
  • While in public places avoid attracting public attention by activities like kissing, hugging and nudity; avoid any form of vulgarity be careful about what and how you are speaking, see to it that your activities do not hurt the feelings, sentiments, and culture of the place to which you are traveling.
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol in public places as you might be fined or punished if found guilty.
  • You should have knowledge about which telecommunication company works best in that area, if needed you can purchase a SIM card for that company. One might face network problem in hilly and remote areas. Internet facilities are available in cyber cafes and Wi-Fi connections are available in resort and hotel complexes.
  • While packing for the trip try to keep your luggage light, so that it is easy for you to carry them. Only take the essentials, and avoid carrying things which you might get easily to the place where you are traveling.
  • Many resorts and hotels have their own travel desks, one can take guidance and support from them to explore the place they are visiting. They also arrange for guided tours or vehicles on demand by their guests.
  • One should be aware of the important phone numbers such as police, fire station, ambulance, and women helpline etc.
  • Research well about the place where you are traveling to. Gather full information about the places of tourist attractions, the weather, hotels, and resorts and the activities that the place offers. Remember to carry a map of the area or take the assistance of tourist guides who can show around the area in a systematic and comfortable way.

Hope all the information offered on this blog proves to be helpful to the viewers in planning a vacation trip to and preparing an itinerary for the same.




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