Honesty is a very expensive gift don’t expect it from cheap people

Honesty will lead to a happy and contented life

Warren Buffett quoted “Honesty Is a Very Expensive Gift Don’t Expect It from Cheap People”

From our childhood, we are taught that honesty is a virtue and we should be honest in with everything we do, say. We should be honest in our life and in our relationships. Nut actually following this is very difficult, especially in these modern days, when people are running behind materialistic things, status in society and gaining wealth. Today honesty as a virtue is dying, one hardly remains honest in what he says, does and sometimes is dishonest to the people who are closest to them to obtain what they desire.

Today honesty is life an expensive gift, which everyone can’t afford, o one can expect from cheap people or people with level and dishonest intentions. Only a strong-willed person and a pure and true soul can afford to be honest in his life. Today a person who lives with honesty has to face a lot of hardship and opposition. And people try to bring them down, de-motivate them and try to pull them away from their path of honesty. Honest people stick to their principles no matter what the situation is and such a thing can only be done by a person who is strong by character and not by people who just talk about honesty. In today’s materialistic life, which is full of corruption, dishonesty, and fraud, people rather prefer to take shortcuts to attain their goals, as going the right way seems to be hard and time taking and may not provide the results up to their expected level. People today want to gain easy money and wealth, attain high status in society and possess plenty of assets to make their life comfortable. And in doing so they most of the times take to unlawful means or actions.

These people forget that they may achieve the materialistic goals through these means, but will never get the inner satisfaction from within. Somewhere in the mind one thing will always trouble them that they are not doing the right thing. But most of the people today ignore their inner voice and still indulge in dishonest ways of living their life. Only the people who are very strong from within and have the capacity to fight all odds can live an honest life. Such people may not have all the royal comforts in their life; they may be living a very simple and down to earth life. But they will be happy and contended from inside. They are not afraid of facing hardships in life nor are they afraid of facing dire consequences. They stick to their values and principle throughout their life. No one can divert them from their goals and principles how much ever they try. Honesty is their pride and they will do anything to maintain it. Such people are the actual heroes of today and we all should try to follow their footprints if we wanted to live a happy and contented life.


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