No, no it’s not some recipe that I am gonna teach you, just sharing one of my experience how we let ourselves put through so many emotions and get screwed. Yeah, so let’s start how I end up writing about it.

One fine evening I was out with my friend we both went to a restaurant and ordered cold coffee, she ordered choco frappe. when it finally arrived she got little disappointed by not finding enough chocolate in it…  So all you people would be thinking how it is even relevant to our life? Well, ofcourse it is, instead of getting upset over chocolate thing she could have enjoyed a coffee which she had. We all get to screw up at some point in time in our life right, because we mix up so many emotions together like our personal life with professional life and end up depressing ourselves .. We just don’t get it that both are different in their own way, instead we keep on evaluating  that chocolate is more tastier or a coffee.. Life is full of emotions, say for example if you mix your happiness with rage or anger, it won’t let you live in a peace, won’t let you enjoy the moment in which you are & you will head yourself to fatal consequences…

Our love life, family, friends everyone has its own importance, if you try to mix them up, you will get nothing other than of disappointment.We need not forget that none of these can be compared to each other; have its own essence & charm. If any of the ingredient gets much or less our drinks get spoil, same goes with a life. Family, friends, love etc. acts as an ingredient of our life. You have to keep balance among them or else you will spoil your life’s biggest drink i.e. key to happiness…

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