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Google Analytics


Publisher Coverage:

Coverage is the percentage of ad fill rate.

Ad Impressions / Ad Requests x 100

Publisher eCPM:

Publisher’s revenue generates from 1000 Pageviews. It is your total estimated revenue from all linked Publisher Accounts (AdSense, Adx& DFP) per 1000 pageviews.

Publisher Impressions:

It is reported when an inindividualAdSense, Adx& DFP) is displayed on your Website.

Publisher impression/per session:

Publisher impression as per session. In other words, the ratio of linked publisher account (AdSense, AdX, DFP) ad impressions to Analytics sessions (Ad Impressions / Analytics Sessions).

Publisher Impressions / Analytics Sessions

Publisher Viewable Impressions:

It’s basically how much Ads view by users.It is considered a viewable impression when it has appeared within a user’s browser and had the opportunity to be seen.

Publisher Clicks:

The number of times an ad (AdSense, Adx& DFP) from linked AdSense account were clicked on your website.

Publisher CTR:

CTR stands for Click through rate. It’s basically how often people see your ad and end up with clicking on it.

clicks / No. of pageviews x 100

Publisher Revenue:

It is the estimated revenue generates from linked publisher account Ads (AdSense, Adx& DFP).
Publisher Revenue / 1000 Sessions:

The estimated revenue generates from linked publisher account as per 1000 analytics session.



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