I’m a professional full-time Blogging consultant with over 8 Years experience in content writing, SEO and consultation. My services include AdSense Ad Optimization, consultancy on Blogging, Blog Management, Content Management, and Digital Marketing & SEO.

 I charge ₹100/- (or $2) /minute for Phone/Chat consultation or support.

 If the project requires me working on your website, I charge ₹2000/- (or $30)/hour, this package includes one week support to analyse the earnings and fix the issues (if any).

Feel free to WhatsApp me on: +91-7838150833, or if you still live in 1995, send an email to [email protected] 


I had never thought that the adsense ads can be optimised too, with the same traffic i am getting much more, a increase of 30-40% revenue was there after sudhir started working on my website and its still increasing. The part about him is, he is so friendly and funny that you will never feel a relation like client and worker. Thank You for helping Me !!
— Admin (lyricalduniya)
Sudhir is a very helpful person. He has excellent knowledge of SEO and Ad Optimization. From experience he has gained a lot of knowledge regarding ad placements and optimizations which help increase website revenue.
— Rameez, founder of

Blogging is an Art and it has been designed properly when I met Sudhir for the very first time. The Kind of passion he showed was made me stunned for a moment and initiated a decision to build my blog from where I left… Today my Blog is just 60 days old after a restart and already started making $40 per day with his unique technique of spending 30 minutes a day on my blog Thanks, Sudhir for your innovative ideas.

— Sharat Chandra, founder of

As a blogger, I wanted to focus more on content and less on optimizing ads. I was getting CPC of 0.04$ though blog was in very high rewarding niche. DUGGU helped me with Adsense code and now my average CPC is .12$. Will suggest for AdSense improvement.

— Pulkit Sharma, founder of

Lately, I have been quite frustrated testing ads on my blog. Neither did they looked good, nor they provided decent results. It snatched away my time, that I could have devoted into writing more content. With DUGGU’s help, I have been able to optimize my AdSense ad placement in a manner that’s not intrusive and finally gives results.

Anyone who’s really looking forward to getting their placement done and don’t want to kill their time testing, DUGGU is who you should contact!

— Dhananjay Bhardwaj, founder of

DUGGU helped me in setting the Google CSE in my website. He is a very kind person, ready to help anyone whenever it is possible. Thanks DUGGU for the help.

— Abhishek Verma, founder of