GoDaddy Windows Ultimate Hosting Plan Review

Here, I am writing a review of Windows Ultimate Hosting plan, this article is not paid from Godaddy. I am just sharing my own review and the problems, which I am facing.

My Window’s based website is hosted since last 3 years on Godaddy and I was using their Starter Windows Hosting plan, there are basically two issues (I never got any satisfactory support their support team) which I am was facing with Godaddy’s Windows starter hosting plan are:

The issues are:

  1. The website gets down two or three times in a day for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. When I update any master page or any control that is used by all pages, the website gets down for 1 hour.

After facing these issue, one day their one of the executive suggested me upgrade the plan from Godaddy’d starter plan to ultimate plan. Still, these two issues are there.

One more thing, that I want to write here, I am using Cloudflare to use web security and SSL certificate which is free, but I am using Cloudflare for last 3 years only.

These are the cases, which I recently discussed with their support team:

Case #1

As usual, when website down, I called to their team, one of the executives told without analyzing the issue that I am using Cloudflare name servers, I need to change it to Godaddy’s hosting server. I told why I should change? Cloudflare is just acting as a domain and hosting pool. It’s not a hosting. The guy refused to support me.

And, as always website started working after 10 to 15 minutes.

So, still, there is no solution to this issue. They are unable to know the reason and solve the issue before and after the using Cloudflare.

I then, asked for the complaint email id, the guy with the name “Krishna” is refused and started giving the excuses like I am here to support you what’s the need of email Id, we cannot provide blah blah…

Case #2

After the case #1, on the same day then I started taking support through their chat support and told that I need to make a complaint against the executive and need the reason why a website gets down for few minutes in the day while I am using Godaddy Window’s Ultimate Hosting plan.

The executive on chat, transferred the chat to one of the senior team members, I explained each and everything by sharing Pingdom’s log that domain is reachable to Cloudflare and Cloudflare is requesting to the server but the server is not responding.

His reply was that I should use hosting SSL (he clearly not told that I should use Godaddy’d SSL certificate but his intention was the same).

There are other many issues, which I faced and facing. No doubt their support is good and they provide it quickly. But in these two case they are unable to provide support and now they refuse the things because I am using Cloudflare.

I am requesting you if you are using or planning to use Godaddy’s Windows Hosting (I cannot write for another kind of hosting), please consider my these cases, and plan accordingly.


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