Silence is Golden.

We hear many people use the phrase: “Silence is golden” Now what do they mean by it or what does this signify. So today let’s talk about thus phrase. How it originated and how people put it into practice.

Why Silence is Golden?

According to past records an Egyptian poet, Thomas Carlyle used it in 1831, to brings out the virtues of silence.

Many a times there are a situation where being silent is the best solution. Let us explore some of these situations and the virtue of silence

  1. There are situations when you are trying to make people understand yoiur point of view and the logic behind it. But people are not ready to listen and change their mind set, it is always better to remain silent if people are not willing to listen to your logics and views.
  2. There are situations where you are not aware of certain facts, information or knowledge about certain things. If this is the case it better to keep silent, rather than speak wrong things or which are incorrect.
  3. Many times we make many mistakes, still we try to defend ourselves and try to prove that we are right, and not at fault. Always remember that we are humans and everyone makes mistakes. Own your mistakes, don’t argue, remain silent and accept them and try to learn from them; so that you don’t make the same mistake in the future.
  4. Many a times we face situations where we are confused, upset and stressed. Its always better to isolate oneself from others and spend some time silently in the corner, just to get your thoughts into the right frame of mind. Introspect on the situation and look for the pros and cons to reach a decision. A little bit of isolation is always better to rejuvenate your mental state.
  5. There are situations you know that the other person is wrong or doing something unethical; but you are in such position that if you speak up you may have to face negative circumstances. So it is always better to be silent at that time and be a silent observer. You can put forward your view points, when the situation gets milder.
  6. There are times when one has to remain silent, to show respect. Respect to your elders, superiors. They may be wrong in doing, but arguing with them is not a good idea. We need to put our views politely, and in certain situation it is better to be silent.

Friends remember that remaining silent doesn’t mean that you are a weak person; you can’t speak up for yourself. Instead remaining silent in certain situations is a mark of intelligence; it is wise to be silent. The main thing is most people don’t understand the power of silence. Silence can prevent many arguments, misunderstandings and problems.

One has to know about when exactly one needs to be silent and when he needs to speak up. For example, you need to speak up if any injustice is being done to you, if you remain silent on the issue you will be on a weaker front. Speak against the wrong doings of people; just remember when to speak and how to speak. Similarly if need to spend some time alone in silence always do it.

Understand the virtues of silence and apply them in your life, they will make your life less complicated.


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