Don’t let the noise of others opinion drown out your own inner voice

Steve Jobs quoted “Don’t let the noise of others opinion drown out your own inner voice”

Your inner voice will lead you to your goals, opinions may mislead you.

Steve Jobs quoted “Don’t let the noise of others opinion drown out your own inner voice”.

It is the human behavior to think and act accordingly what people want us to think and act as. All of us at some point in time, worry about the opinions of others, or about what people think about us; how they perceive us. Many a time it happens that we start living with our false self. The false self is influenced by the perception and opinion of others so that we are able to impress them or get accepted by them. We unconsciously start living the way people want us to live like, according to their expectations. In this process, we forget our very own real self, the person we actually are. Many a time’s conflicts between the false self and the real self-make life confusing and difficult.

It is true that we should value the opinion of others, as they help us to improve and grow, but an excess of it can hamper our overall development also. We should make sure that while we are listening to the opinions of others, we don’t drown our own inner voice or what our conscience has to say. There is no harm in listening to others opinions as many times they may help you to resolve a problem. But it is always better to analyze this opinion whether it would suit you or not. Make sure that your real self is comfortable with the decision is made.

Don’t follow an opinion o suggestion just because it has been given by a person who is close to you, or is an expert in a particular area. The opinion may have been helpful for the person who is giving it to u=you, but it is not necessary that it will work in the same for you too. Whenever taking a decision or doing something listen to your inner voice, your real self. As the inner voice or the real self-speaks on behalf of you, your nature, beliefs, and qualities that you possess. You might achieve success or temporary happiness by following the false self and the opinions of others without introspection. But that would be short-lived. The real path to success and happiness is the real self or your own inner voice, your conscience. Never ignore it. Don’t get influenced by people’s words or their position in society. Each individual is different with different personalities and the inner voice within you is the best judge of yours. It has the capacity to differentiate what is good for you and what will hamper your overall development, what will make you happy and contented; and what will create problems for you.

Be connected to your inner voice and do what it says rather than just blindly following what people have to say. It hardly matters what people think about you, as they don’t know you as much you know yourself. Therefore you should not take the opinions of others too seriously, as it may hamper your growth and progress in life.



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