New Day, New Coffee, Same Workplace

It was yet another morning I started to work and received this beautiful message written on my cup i.e, Blogger. Yet another day spent working in Nehru Place, Starbucks. It has been a routine for the past 4 years coming early and leaving late from Tata Starbucks. Sometimes I feel what attracts me so much about this place that I have been visiting Starbucks daily doing work, meeting new people and having my coffee, it is the peace here that brings me here every day and on top of that the Great Hospitality I receive here. 

Blogger” this word gives me goosebumps whenever I hear someone say this and I recall all those memories I had captured while blogging. This was yet another memory captured and was saved in my memory forever. 

Initially, when I had started this website I wasn’t sure about it that will I be able to work on it or not or what the future holds for me. But I never lost hope and kept on working and after years of hard work, sleepless nights, experiencing joys sorrows and whatnot, Today I can proudly say I am an established blogger.

All thanks to my readers. 🙂


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