Don’t give your phone to Hotel receptionist to show Booking ID

An incident happened with me in Hotel Apple Pie, C-86, Noida Sector -30, UP. I booked a hotel from OYO for a night, because I had a meeting in the Noida and I had to stay there so that I can also work the full night.

I booked it after seeing their ratings, ratings were “4.7” out of “5.0”, after check-in, I realized that their ratings should not be more than “3.5” due to their hospitality, and other things.

Still, I stayed there and in the next day afternoon, I went for the reception for the check-out.

I paid the bill for dinner, tea and water bottles, now the main cheating story starts.

The receptionist told, “please give me your booking id”, I told – “you must have because you are also using the OYO at your tablet”. He told, “no I don’t have,please provide”.

Then, I put the phone on “airplane mode” and opened the messages and told him please check only “OYO” messages.

He told “okay”.

He returned the phone after minutes.

Then, I checked my mobile, and guys you cannot believe, my phone was not on “airplane mode”, and WiFi was “On”. I understood the complete story of their cheating.

Then, I opened “OYO” application and checked that “My booking was completed” and there was no option for feedback because receptionist already gave the feedback from my mobile.

I asked him “you gave the feedback, why?”, He told “No”.

Then, I called “OYO” and asked whether the feedback is given by my side or not? OYO told, “yes! You have given 5 ratings to all their services

Then, I told the whole story to “OYO”, “OYO” told to take necessary action against them…

So, guy, this was the system of their high ranking.

So, I would say – please don’t give your phone to other’s hand.


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