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Today I’m free (Hey... today is Sunday); I feel that writing is too easy; I’ve written many blogs and tutorials today.

I’m passionate about writing, this may be the reason. I can write continuously till many hours without feeling tiredness and boredom.

Here, I would say if you also interested in writing, you should be passionate about writing.

Give up is not the solution.

22 JAN 2017 Personal

This blog is submitted by Stuti Verma, who writes for www.duggu.org. I found this blog very inspiring.

Hello friends, I have been preparing for my dreamy career, although I didn't get yet, but I have just got some advices, some taunts , some twit but among these thing I also get support of my dear friends and my brother. It should be, if there are some persons who let u down then there are a few persons who uplift you...

There is only 24 hours in a day so I steal few hours from my sleeping time and spend them in writing.
Let’s see what will happen?

Nice work! You've completed all the programs.

22 JAN 2017 Personal

When I was in first semester, I’d to complete an assignment which had 20 c programs. As I was teaching compute programming before joining the college (for Master Degree, but I didn’t complete) so the programs were not too hard to design.

I designed all programs, run them and also captured the output screen. Finally, submitted the assignment to the trainer.

When he checked my assignment, he called me and told "Nice work! You've completed all the programs"

Life is very precious.

22 JAN 2017 Personal

If you are feeling that someone is cheating you and you’re really possessive about him/her, then you should not think again and again about your partner. Life is very precious; this time will never come again, so you have to think about your career growth.

Few years ago, I was fighting with the same situation, I was depressed and unable to focus career.

Whenever I felt, that she is not loyal or she doesn't love me, I started working. I created a tutorial website (off course, it was www.includehelp.com) and started sharing my knowledge there.

Nothing is better than a cup of "Black Tea" at 04:15 am.

22 JAN 2017 Personal

Nothing is better than a cup of Black Tea at 04:15 am

Now the time is 04:15 am and I'm sipping the "Black Tea" as I can make Black Tea within few minutes.

I had to write tutorials but it’s too late now so I thought to take tea and then sleep. Since I'm not feeling sleepy still I will try to sleep. Tomorrow sorry today is Sunday so I will get up around 11 am.

So, Good Night! Friends

Dennis Ritchie's Home Page.

22 JAN 2017 Personal

I’m a basically C programmer and this is the reason I love Dennis Ritchie. Today I was reading about him and here is a page "Dennis Ritchie Home Page". I’m sharing this page because every programmer no matter who is working on C language or not will always love to read about him.

Two things which feel me energetic.

22 JAN 2017 Personal

First two tabs in my Internet Browser (I use Google Chrome) feel me energetic. In first tab I open Google Analytics to see live visitors on my websites and in second tab I open Google AdSense to see how much I’m earning.

These two applications which feel me energetic, actually these are the return of my hard work, as I see more live visitors and more dollars I really feel good and energetic. In other tabs I open...

Code employed in banking system in India.

22 JAN 2017 Banking and Finance

Banking industry in India is booming day by day with its growth, the usage of technology in banking also increasing; now we do online payments and we can say payment by home.

We use net banking; debit cards, wallet, and apps in our daily life. By using these we use some code. These codes have played a crucial role in banking.

So let's know about these codes.

I was planning to write a blog but after writing 4 to 5 hours continuously on technical stuffs, I’m feeling that I cannot write any more. The time is 03:45 am and still I’m not feeling sleepy. There are lot of pending tutorials to write on www.includehelp.com. Maybe, I can complete some of them tonight.

What is UPI and how it works?

20 JAN 2017 Banking and Finance

In this blog, I’m here with the term UPI, here I’ll discuss what is UPI and how it works?

UPI stands for "Unified Payment Interface". It is a system on which customer can transfer fund between two bank accounts by Smartphone. It works from April 2016.

❝I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.
- Mark Zuckerberg

❝In fifteen years we’ll be teaching programming just like reading and writing... and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner.❞
- Mark Zuckerberg

Technical elements for successful SEO.

20 JAN 2017 Internet

As we know that Search Engine optimization is lot more than just putting the keywords on heading tags and website pages, SEO has two parts On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO. Here are the few technical elements of On-Page SEO that you have to optimize for website ranking.

Technical elements for successful SEO:

Never change your problem solving techniques, match them with the international standards.

19 JAN 2017 Personal

When I was in college, once my C programming language trainer told me that I have to change my problem solving techniques, I never changed. Now, I am solving problems since last 8+ years with the same techniques that I followed.

I would say never change your techniques to solve the problems, but the techniques must match the international standards.

❝All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school - my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.❞
- Mark Zuckerberg

Schedule some reading time — while working in an office you should fix a schedule to read about the companies (which are belongs to your field), business magazines or technology magazines, economy, share market etc.

Mars Images - is this water?

18 JAN 2017 Space facts

Today I was exploring Mars through Google Earth; on some specific coordinates I saw something curious. I started zooming In and found something like the water.

I am sharing the pictures that I captured.

mars image 6

More Images

How to avoid boredom of repetition work?

18 JAN 2017 Career and jobs

If you are getting bored by doing same work daily, here are some ideas to come out from boredom of repetition wok:

  1. Ask your manager to get new and different task, you can recommend your juniors or other colleagues for current task (which is boring for you).
  2. Seek out some complex tasks and try to complete them.
  3. Work with your seniors who are working on new tasks - whenever you are free after completing your assigned tasks; request your seniors or other colleagues to work with them.

If you are unable to get new task by any reason, don’t worry you can start learning new things in your free time.

Another way to avoid your boredom, you can make your boring work interesting by putting new ideas.

Take breaks throughout the day while working.

17 JAN 2017 Personal

If you are working for long hours, you’ll feel tired and unable to solve the problems. Short time breaks will help you to reduce your work pressure, improve your problem solving ability.

What you can do in the short time breaks?

Blogging from Mars.

17 JAN 2017 Personal

Nowadays, I am eager to learn about Mars, I watch many videos related to Marks daily. There are two things in my mind always go on... blogging and Mars.

Last night I watched more than 10 videos and slept.

In the dream, I was on the Mars...

5 Tips and Tricks for Breathtaking Macro.

16 JAN 2017 Guest Blogs

Macro photography is a field which all photographers become interested in sooner or later. It is very interesting to capture the unique moments of the "smaller" world; however, it is necessary to acquire some knowledge before you go out expecting to capture amazing macro shots.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will certainly help you out.

How to manage notification light (LED Color) in XIAOMI REDMI Mobile?

15 JAN 2017 Mobile

I’m using XIAOMI REDMI Mobile, today I was changing the notification light colour and thought to write steps how to change them.

I hope, the Readers who are using the same phone may like this blog

In this blog, I’m writing step by step process to change the color of Notification Light in XIAOMI REDMI Mobile series, the steps are:

Now here’s a man who understands women.

15 JAN 2017 Personal

William Golding a British Novelist & Poet (1911-1993) wrote about the women:

❝I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been. Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she will give you baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiples and enlarges what is given to her.
So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!❞

- William Golding

Successful Indian bloggers and their incomes.

14 JAN 2017 Personal

This article from http://moneyconnexion.com/ displays the list of top successful Indian bloggers with their earnings, website name, Global Alexa ranking.

If you are a blogger, I would recommend reading this blog and knowing about the journey of these tops Indian bloggers.

Five ever green ways to increase Google AdSense CPC.

14 JAN 2017 Google AdSense

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, is an amount that you earn when a Reader clicks on the Advertisement which is displaying on your website.

Everybody is sucking with the Google AdSense Low CPC (especially in Low paying countries like India, where Google pays very low CPC), in this blog I am writing 5 ever green ways by following them you can increase Google AdSense CPC.

If you want to grow your company, you should start investing in training.

13 JAN 2017 Company Management

I've heard about many company’s policies, they hire the employees, give them work with the deadlines and if employees are unable to complete the work they fire them.

"Hire and Fire" formula is now common in many companies.

Every company want to grow but few companies are there who invest in trainings.

You should remember that the employees, who are working for your company, are assets of the company and if you invest on them in training can yield good returns...