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How Quality content affects the ranking of a web page

There often exists a mysterious logic behind the ranking of the webpages. Additionally, there are many theories attached to it. These include guest blogging, social media and many more. 

But the truth is, there is no single solution that affects the ranking of a webpage rather a group of solutions that combine to increase the rank.

Benefits of SEO for a small business

Search Engine Optimization is important irrespective of the size of an organization. There are some small scale organizations who don’t realise the potential of digital marketing in their growth. Small scale industries have a limited budget. Also, they have to do all their tasks by keeping it balanced. Even if an industry is small, they still have to compete with big industries in the same niche.

Black Hat SEO: Understanding the Dark Side of Digital Marketing

We can explain Black hat SEO as using frowned-upon ways which are not suitable when integrated with terms and conditions of various search engines. Many digital marketing professionals perform Black Hat SEO to get a higher rank of their website. 

Many years ago, a strategy involving the insertion of keywords that involved stuffing relevant keywords in your website.

List of digital marketing tools Google offers

Google offers a huge number of free as well as paid tools that the businesses can access through one login. This is one of the reasons why Google is the most loved digital marketing service all over the world. One must make good use of these tools for an extraordinary marketing experience.

Why the future of digital marketing is bright in India

The world is getting digital, Indian is getting digital too. There are more than 450 million people in the world who have access to the internet. There are more or equal numbers of people who have smartphones. We think that is enough to give you an idea that why digital marketing will shine bright in the future.

Concept of lead generation in Digital Marketing?

The way of business experienced a great change after the introduction of the digital era. It is important to keep pace with trends as well as the demands of their prospects. They can do the same using a well-functioning lead generation technique.

This term may be new to some people while well-known for others.

Let’s know what is neuromarketing

AI in digital marketing

Before getting into details of neuromarketing let’s understand what is it. In simple words, in neuromarketing, the marketing team of an enterprise designs their content and marketing campaigns in a way that elicits a particular reaction. The reaction is related to the way someone buys something or their emotion when they buy something.