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15 Major Blogging mistakes to avoid

Hello friend, I found this image on twitter.

If you are a blogger, you should read all points mentioned in the images. You should not make these 15 mistakes and if you’re making these mistakes you should fix immediately.

Here is the image – showing the major 15 blogging mistake to avoid

Life Log of Vloggers- An Insight to the Youtuber’s Game

“……’s all about being authentic and interactive”

Video blog popularly known as blog contains video content. Vlogging involves adding video content to YouTube by the bloggers. The increasing inexpensiveness of equipment and prevalence of hosting, aggregation sites and supporting software is making blogging one of the most popular sources for making money, especially among the youngsters.

Tips to manage blogs (websites) with full time job

I wrote this blog especially for those who are working full time in any company and run their website(s). I know it becomes tough to manage the website(s) while you’re working full time.

I think I can give practical tips on how to manage blogs with a full-time job, as I am working full time in a company and managing my three websites.

Reasons why new Bloggers fail–What you need to know?

In the last couple of years, blogging has become a famous profession. Setting up a blog is not a difficult task at all. Anyone can do it on a whim. Getting started is easy. However, to take the blog to another level requires a lot of effort. There are thousands of bloggers out there who set up their blogs without any vision of destination in mind.

Why entrepreneurs should not lose contact with the real world?

Today’s global society praises entrepreneurs. However, there are a few people who know that entrepreneurs are on the narrow border between happiness and suffering, risk aversion, and rewards.

Many people want to be semi-entrepreneurs and get rid of the administrative practices of traditional companies and achieve professional freedom & independence. The problem is that these semi-entrepreneurs can never graduate from the work network with others, and often run away from the first symptoms of problems.

How to Earn Money from Facebook Instant Article?

If you’re too much interested in making money through Facebook’s Instant Articles this article will serve as your guide. It’s going to be an exhaustive blog post, so for all those impatient readers who want an overview of the article before jumping into the details here is a gist of the content for you-

  • Facebook Audience Network has empowered the marketers to make their campaigns to next level by making them compatible with mobile devices.

Analytics publisher page glossary


Google Analytics


Publisher Coverage:

Coverage is the percentage of ad fill rate.

Ad Impressions / Ad Requests x 100

Publisher eCPM:

Publisher’s revenue generates from 1000 Pageviews. It is your total estimated revenue from all linked Publisher Accounts (AdSense, Adx& DFP) per 1000 pageviews.

Publisher Impressions:

It is reported when an inindividualAdSense, Adx& DFP) is displayed on your Website.