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We are not alone in the universe - Possibilities of another Earth.

March 02, 2017

possibilities of another earth

Earth is not a single planet where life exists; there may be millions of living planets like the earth in the universe.

Let's explore how?

Our solar system has a STAR "Sun" and the Earth is continuously moving around the "Sun" - Conclusion is that "Every planet moves around a STAR".

Scientists discover OXYGEN on moon.

31 JAN 2017

There are two basic key ingredients for a life on any planet - Oxygen and Water and our Earth has both.

Now scientists have discovered that each month, for five-day period the moon is picking Oxygen ions from the Earth when the Moon passes through the Earth. If the same process will happen for a long time, life may possible on the Moon.

scientists discover OXYGEN on moon

Planet X will DESTROY Earth in 2017.

30 JAN 2017

Do you know? The earth may be destroyed in the September 2017.

Some believe that some spacecrafts from Planet X are travelling to Earth and according to the study they will be reached till September 2017. (News from express.co.uk)

Planet X will DESTROY Earth in 2017

Possibilities for life on the Mars Planet.

28 JAN 2017

Image from this pdf. The facts say that there was a life or there may life.

Possibilities for life on the Mars Planet
An estimate of 100,000 active civilizations in the galaxy.

28 JAN 2017

There are 100 billions stars in our galaxy, if in our solar system there is one planet on which human live, there may 100 billions other planets in our galaxy where aliens will exist.

If we think with more accuracy then we can assume that there may 100,000 planets where aliens will exist. Read this article which has a great explanation about active civilization in our galaxy.

alien life in our galaxy

Mars Images - is this water?

18 JAN 2017

Today I was exploring Mars through Google Earth; on some specific coordinates I saw something curious. I started zooming In and found something like the water.

I am sharing the pictures that I captured.

mars image 6

More Images

Where does universe exist?

25 DEC 2016

Since last few years I’m trying to get the answer of "Where universe exits?"

As I know that...

Delhi exists in India,

India exists in Asia,

Asia exists in Earth,

Earth exists in Solar System,

Solar System exists in Milky Way Galaxy,

Milky Way Galaxy exists in Universe/Space.

There are lot of Galaxies in the universe and there may be...

Jupiter’s Galilean Moon - IO.

25 DEC 2016

This is the image of Jupiter’s Galilean Moon (IO), I found this gif image on space-facts.com website’s page.

Jupiter’s Galilean Moon - IO
Pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth.

25 DEC 2016

Do you know? The pieces of Mars have fallen to Earth (Another fact about the Mars); I read it on space-facts.com website’s page. Here is a snapshot about it.

mars planet facts
Mars planet profile - Diameter, Mass, Moons, orbit distance, orbit period, surface temperature etc.

25 DEC 2016

Here I am sharing mars complete profile with mars equatorial and polar diameter, Mass, Moons, orbit distance, orbit period, surface temperature etc.

I found this information of space-facts.com website’s page.

mars planet facts

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