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Mastering the Nuances of SEO - A Guide for Beginners

June 02, 2017 SEO

SEO is no rocket science. No doubt mastering SEO requires a dedicated study, but not a decade’s time to decode your success with the fundamentals. You simply need to be thorough with the fundamentals of SEO in order to make it big. But at the same time you need to know that SEO isn’t limited to creating search engine-friendly sites. Search Engine Optimization ismore about the principles of making a useful site for the people. Read on to know more about SEO and its fundamentals.

Why your site will be lost without SEO in the search results?

It’s nearly impossible to beat the heat of competition on internet without proper SEO. Why? Read on...

  1. SEO helps Search engines to deliver enhanced results - No doubt search engines use enhanced technology that returns better results. However, the fact can’t be ignored that search engines have their own limitations and need a guide to crawl the web deeply. Right SEO practice offers the advantage of increased attention of the users.On the other hand, wrong moves will result in minimal visibility of your site.
  2. SEO adds value to the website’s content- Popular commercial search engines including Bing, Yahoo and Google are majorly responsible for bringing in web traffic. However, traffic can also be generated through social media and other lead generation methodsbut search engines remain a primary tool to gain huge traffic on the websites. It is therefore important for a site to include SEO friendly content for any kind of information about the site’s business or product/service.
  3. SEO acts as a roadway to get the site found- To get your services found in the huge pool of internet you ought to be on the top. Search engines provide targeted traffic- individual looking for the particular services. You need to rely on search engines to get your offerings noticed before the potential customers. SEO content will not let youmissthe opportunities that can take your website to a new level of success.

SEO Factors for High Rank on Search Engines

It’s the combination of multiple SEO factorsthat guarantee high search engine rankings. You can’t expect a success if your site has a great HTML title butlow quality content. The rule of thumb is- add several positive and efficient factors to increase the possibilities of success.

On-page Ranking Factors

On-page search ranking factors are within the control of the publisher. These factors include- the content that is published on the site, providing HTML clues to help users/search engines to determine relevancy, the architecture of thesite and others.

Off-page Ranking Factors

These factors are not in direct control of the publishers. The Search engines use these ranking factors because relying solely on the publisher-controlled signals doesn’t always delivers the best results. The use of Off-page ranking factors reduces the possibilities offake relevancies that may be otherwise created by the publishers. These factors refine the search so that the user gets the best pages for his/her search.

SEO Ranking and Violations Penalties

It’s important for people to perform SEO because it helps the search engines to improve the search resultswhile working in the best interest of the users. There are several guidelines set for SEO techniques. Some of them are deemed “black hat” or“spam” which could damage the image of your site and lower your rank on search engineresults page.So be careful when applying the techniques. Violations of the guidelines could even get your site banned on the search engine. Also, refrain from applying any tacticto manipulate or deceive a search engine’s understanding of your site’s relevancy.

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