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A Walkthrough Popular On-Page SEO Techniques 2017

June 11, 2017 SEO

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This ever-evolving world will keep on introducing you to new and better SEO techniques. Only those who keep themselves abreastabout the latest techniques can meet the challenges of the industry.Maintaining high rank on search engine result page through hacks was a thing of by-gone era. They are obsolete now and might hurt the rank of your website as well.

Today, only the smartest On-Page SEO Techniques 2017 can meet the needs ofsearch engine optimization. If you have been looking for the secrets to high rank on the SERPs then you have reached the right destination.

The On-Page SEO Techniques 2017 listed belowwill surely elevate your website’s earning.

1. Create Easy Reading Posts

Good formatting has a lot to do withelevating the page’s readability and ranking. It can instantly improve the engagement rate of the website while making it popular among the top search engines. Proper formatting tactics includes shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs, bullet points, and sub-headers. However, it’sone of the crucial On-Page SEO Techniques 2017 but unfortunately ignored by many.

2. Add Body Tags to Your Content

Breaking up the content into smaller paragraphs and easy-to-read sections will attract increased number of readers. The sub-headings are tagged asH1, H2, H3, H4, etc. Note that H1 tags are reservedmainly for the main page title and the subsequent headings are tagged as H2, H3, etc. Search engines use these tags torank the website on the search result page. Create keyword rich headinessinstead of generic ones in order to enhance credibility of your website’s content. This will also help you in prioritizing H1, H2 and H3 title tags. It is indeed one of the crucial On-Page SEO Techniques 2017.

3. Use High-quality Images for a Professional Looking Content

Includehigh-quality, professionalgraphs and photos throughout the content. This is one of those On-Page SEO Techniques 2017 that is both and powerfulfor increasing engagement on the website. Also, this will help you in SHOWINGan idea and not just telling it.The greatest advantage of using images is that it makes it easier to break the content into separate sections. Dividing the content into different sections using screenshots, charts, etc. draws the attention of increased number of eyeballs.

4. Use Internal Linking to Your Advantage

Internal links are a great weapon for maintaining SEO arsenal in your content. Hence, it is mandatory to include links to other pages of your website to rank high on SERP’s. It’s one of those On-Page SEO Techniques 2017 that will make your site’s navigation much easier for the users. Plus, this will also upgrade the usage of your site’s content. Another advantage of internal linking is thatthewebsite gets properly crawled, which further leads to high Google PageRank. It also helps in building page’s relevancy to relevant phrases and keywords.

5. Keep Your Website Responsive and Mobile Friendly

SEO plays a major role in Mobile revolution. Having a mobile websiteisn’t enough. Optimize your mobile website for SEO and learn about the common SEO pitfalls. To follow On-Page SEO Techniques 2017 rightly you should have in-depth knowledge about how responsive websites work with SEO.

The Bottom Line

The above listed On-Page SEO Techniques 2017 are some of the popular ways of improving on-page SEO of a website. They can be used eitherin merger or independently. Note that their independent use won’t make much difference to improve your site’s traffic, but will surely make a world of difference when used together.Work smart to reap huge benefits out of these On-Page optimizationtechniques.


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