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Am I collecting your personal information?

No, I am not collecting any information of the Readers.

My website is not storing cookies, (but cookies may save through browser and other third party tools which I'm not using).

Am I linking third party links?

Yes, off course to provide a quality blog I link some useful website’s link as reference, but I am not promoting any website through my blogs.

My declaration

Generally I write on Google products and other Internet, computer related tips, tricks, but I am not a part of Google or other companies. Keywords like Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Search Console; Google Chrome etc used in this website are the trademark of their respective company/owners.

I am not liable to user for any loss as a result of using my information.

Since I tried to do not write content which are available on other website(s), some information may available on other website(s). If you feel that I am using any copyrighted content, please write me on admin@duggu.org with the links, I will immediately take action against that content.

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