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How to Balance Fun and Work as a Travel Photographer?

May 26, 2017 Photography Isabella

travel photography balancing

If you want to be a successful travel photographer there are many things you need to consider and learn. Apart from the fact that you will need to have adequate photography gear, the right technical skills and a good idea on how to make money from your photos, there are also other things that can present a challenge.

Being a travel photographer is a unique area of photography and it has its own sets of challenges that you must tackle. A lot of people think that this is an easy profession, but in order to succeed, you also have to work hard and face a lot of difficulties before you start getting good at it and making money.

One of the difficulties is to create a balance between work and fun while traveling. In the beginning, photographers usually travel for fun and while they are there, they use the opportunity to take some interesting shots. Only after they succeed can they afford to travel solely for work.

Create a plan

The first thing you need to do is make a plan for the trip. Determine in advance how much time you will devote to taking photos each day, and how much time you’ll have left to have fun alone or with your friends. It’s important that you make clear boundaries.

Mixing these two together can create problems for you and you will neither be able to get good images, nor will you be able to enjoy your fun time the way you hoped you would. Simply put, your trip can be wasted and you might start stressing out because nothing is going well. When you need to work, you cannot let yourself get distracted by anything, and when you are relaxing you can’t think about work, it’s as simple as that.

Outsource some tasks such as photo editing

travel photography balancing

You might think that outsourcing photo editing services by Smart Photo editors is a financial difficulty, but it could actually save you money and give you more time to work and enjoy your trips as well. Instead of trying to shoot photos, have fun and work on your photos back at your hotel room, you can have one thing less on your schedule.

This means that you will have the energy and time to work hard enough, while also being able to relax and enjoy your trip when you’re done shooting. One less worry, and more time and energy means that you will be able to take more shots. You will also be able to focus better when taking your photos and you’ll have professionals edit them, which means that they will have greater value.

You can also do this with some other tasks that aren’t too important, but still take a lot of time and energy. If not, leave those things for when you get back home from your trip.

Talk with your friends

travel photography balancing

If you are going with friends on a trip, it’s important to discuss important things about your work so that you can function properly. Traveling with friends can be complicated even without having to work, and you can imagine how difficult things can get when you know that you are there to do some work as well and not just go crazy.

Your friends might get drunk, or simply excited to go somewhere with you and share moments, and they might become somewhat annoying to you when you have to work. You can’t let them get in the way when you a have scheduled time to go shoot some photos.

So, explain to them that your work is important to you and that when you go out to take photos, you don’t need any distractions or your work will suffer. Before heading off, you should also tell them that they can go with you when you are working, but only if they have the patience to wait until you’ve finished everything at your own pace, without them hurrying you up.

These are the fundamentals you need to keep an eye on when taking a trip on which you intend to have fun and enjoy shooting some beautiful photos at the same time. If you balance out these things, you will be able to harness all the benefits of traveling, while also having the time and energy to take some amazing shots of the places you visit.


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