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When my Dad said 'Do whatever you want...'

Posted on 21 DEC 2016 Under Personal Category

Are my decisions correct?

As I am fully dedicated to my regular job and blogging therefore I am no more interested in going to college and collecting degrees.

When I was pursuing Master Degree for the first time, I got frustrated by the college’s education system; there was nothing new to learn, I decided not to complete my degree.

I came to Delhi, searched a job and I found what I was looking for. I got a job as a computer programmer which was good for a Bachelor Degree holder.

I left the Master Degree and started with the job with the same passion as I desired. I decided not to complete the Master Degree, but I never quited learning new things.

I gained a lot of knowledge about various technologies after joining job.

But after two years I felt that I should complete my Master Degree. I joined a training centre which was affiliated to a university.

After a few months I realized that I was just wasting my money as there was again nothing to learn new. I left the Master Degree again.

I called my Dad!

"Dad, I left my Master Degree"

"Again you left?" He said.


"But why?"

"Again nothing to learn new"

"Do whatever you want..."

He disconnected the call very angrily. He always gets frustrated by my decisions.

I never understood one thing – are degrees compulsory when we are not getting any good knowledge?

Either we should focus on knowledge or degree, what is necessary? But I took Dad’s statement "Do whatever you want..." as a positive aspect and from that time till date I am doing whatever I want to do and don’t regret my decisions as I am doing well in life.

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