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The day I was waiting for...

Posted on 06 JAN 2017 Under Personal Category

Today I am feeling under the weather so didn’t go to the office and sleeping in my bed as there was very cold outside.

Suddenly my door bell rang, I was too lazy to go and open the door, so I waited for the second ring, it rang again, now I had didn’t have any options so I went and open the door.

Amazed... I saw my dearest friend Pankaj who is working in Chennai as a Assistant Manager in a Bank.

I just jumped on him and hugged him, I felt so energetic and glad to see him after a long time. All my sickness went off.

And then I a bottle of Antiquity in his hand which acted as “Icing on the cake”; now I knew the day is going to be memorable.

Now, I won’t bore you more as I am enjoying the “good times”.

the day I was waiting for...

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