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Some most depressing things in programmer's life

Posted on 17 DEC 2016 Under Personal Category

Things that depress and irritate a programmer

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Things that depress and irritate a programmer.

I'm writing codes in 0's and 1's since last 6+ years and have faced many depressing things in my life as a programmer.

So I decided to write a short blog about "Some of the most depressing things in a programmer's life".

Please note, I am writing by taking reference from http://alvinalexander.com/text/most-depressing-thing-about-life-programmer

List of some of the irritating and depressing things one faces as a programmer:

  • To modify someone else's working code - it's really depressing and challenging for a programmer when he/she needs to add or modify things in someone else's work of writing codes for them.
  • To find rare bug(s) which not arise on fix inputs - it's really very depressing and tough task when one finds the same issue arising again and again.
  • Working late night - I am really thankful to God, my company doesn't force me to work late night, but most of the programmers face this problem and it's really very difficult to manage friends and family responsibilities, while working late night .
  • Finding one’s silly mistakes - for me it's a depressing movement when I find some silly mistakes made by me at some point of time.
  • an Email from testing team - Just imagine the movement when a programmer receives mail from the testing team sating that text “XYZ features is not working” or receives a list of bugs. It is really very depressing, to think that after so many hours of hard work, there ae still some features which are not working adequately.

These are some of the things which depress a programmer; there are many other depressing things in a programmer life, which I will discuss in my future blogs.

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