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PIZZA snatching episode

Posted on 17 DEC 2016 Under Personal Category

pizza snatching episode

Today I was in a party with around 20 guys. I was tired as I didn’t sleep last night properly and was feeling sleepy at the party.

When the dinner was getting ready in the restaurant, I thought I can sleep for a while.

I slept for a few minutes.

As I awoke, some of the guys started teasing me that "you’re missing someone", "what happened, Why you’re so upset?" blah blah

I tried to ignore it.

Meanwhile friends brought the PIZZAs which they had ordered when I was sleeping.

I took a piece of the pizza with cold drink.

I felt energetic.

After feeling good and energetic, I stood up and started snatching pizzas from hands of those guys who were teasing me.

I ate around 5 pieces.

You can imagine how their faces were at that time.

I was thinking next time they will think twice before teasing me or they will tease me after finishing their snacks.

Within half an hour dinner was on the table.

I enjoyed the party and went back home.

What had happened was very funny and unforgettable.

Love you all my lovely friends.

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