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One Mistake and I lost her!

Things get messed up when one is too excited

Today I feel quite bored; there is nothing new in my mind to share with you guys!

I am just lying down and trying to sleep, but...

But I can’t Sleep, memories of the past are not allowing me to sleep. There is one memory which forces me to be both happy and sad.

2 years back, I was visiting my home town by train; a pretty girl was seated in front of my seat. After a few minutes we started talking, about technologies and many other things. I am not mentioning her name here, because I didn’t ask her name (LOL!).

The journey was of more than 5 hours, we discussed everything expect name and number. She was a nurse in government hospital. As the train arrived at my station, I felt upset and de-boarded the train.

I turned back to say a final good bye to her!

I said "Good bye!"

She replied with a pleasant smile "Bye!"

I turned back to the exit door and started walking slowly.

"Listen..." she said.

I turned to her again; I asked "what happened?"

"May I have your number please?" She asked.

"Wow I got her attention finally" I thought.

"Okay write down" I said.

"Please save my number in your mobile, its 92xxxxxxxx" she said.

I dialled her number (I am writing the a few digits here because I remember only these digits). The number was unreachable, she said that her mobile was switched off and I should call her back in the evening.

We said bye again.

Now let me tell you what was the mistake?

Since I was got very excited and happy as she called me, when I was moving towards to exit door; I in the excitement didn’t save the number properly and saved a wrong number.

I tried calling the number many times, but could not get through. I also tried out various combinations, but could not get to the exact number.

Now whenever I think about this stupid act, I feel very sad.

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