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Feeling happy after seeing 61 Active Visitors on my primary website

Posted on 12 JAN 2017 Under Personal Category

Generally there are 30 to 40 Active Visitors (when I check) on my primary website (www.includehelp.com) from all over the world.

But yesterday was lucky day for me; the time was 07:25 pm when I was checking the Google Analytics report on my Mobile.

Suddenly, My heartbeat was 200 as I saw 61 Active Visitors on www.includehelp.com; I thought something went wrong.

I started checking all parameters like traffic sources, visitor’s locations, active pages etc one by one, after checking them I felt relax "everything was okay" most of the visitors were from Google Organic Searches.

I took a snapshot, as I didn’t was miss that happy moment; here is the captured screenshot

Feeling happy after seeing so many active visitors

All credit goes to you guys, thank you very much.

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