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At Least You Have a Girl to Buy Chocolates For.

The funny chocolate story

One day I was going to meet a girl, as I wanted to wish her belated birthday. I planned to buy some chocolates for her. Since I don’t like chocolates so I didn’t have the slightest idea which brand would be better? I was going to meet the girl for the first time, so couldn’t even ask her which chocolates she liked the best, and which ones I should buy for her.

I went to a shop in Nehru Place Metro Station Delhi.

I said to the shopkeeper at the counter "please give me a packet of chocolates which are best in your shop"

He picked a packet and gave to me.

Me: "please put it into a bag"

Shopkeeper kept the packet into a bag and printed the bill.

I glanced through the bill and I found that bill amount was more than the price printed on the chocolates.

Me: "Why the bill amount is more than the price printed on the chocolate box"

Shopkeeper: "Sir, the extra charges are for the bag."

Me (being funny): "Friend, I’m buying chocolates, you should give the bag free."

Shopkeeper: "Sir, I can’t give it to you free"

Me (being funnier): "You can, I am not so rich, and I am just like you"

Shopkeeper (being serious): "Sir, at least you a girl to whom for whom you can buy chocolates for".

Me (being normal): "Sorry friend! You will get a girl soon"

Shopkeeper (laughing): "I hope so".

Me: "By the way thanks!"

I paid the bill, took bag with chocolates and left the shop, smiling to myself.

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