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Argue of a crazy lady

argue of a crazy lady at ATM line

Image source: http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/open-page/ATM-shows-the-man-you-are/article14685582.ece

Yesterday I was standing in a queue to withdraw money from an ATM, there was a girl who was standing ahead of me; she was really very pretty and waiting for her turn.

Suddenly a lady came and stood up near the gate of the ATM.

People shouted: "Hey, come in a queue"

She: "I am a lady and there should be a separate line for the ladies"

She was correct but there is no such rule for the ladies to withdraw money from an ATM, as all people needed money on urgent basis.

By pointing to the girl who was standing ahead of me, people they said "She is also a girl and she is waiting in a queue for her turn since last one hour"

The lady started fighting with that girl that she is doing wrong, why she is standing in a queue? She should start a separate line and bla bla.

After 10 to 15 minutes of fighting with the crazy lady, the girl and other people who were waiting in the queue since last one hour were success in removing her from the ATM gate.

She went to the end of the line and started waiting for her turn.

Our values teach us to respect women, but this does not mean that they should take advantage of this. The whole nation is going through a tough time, for its betterment. Everyone requires on urgent basis, but breaking the rules won’t help. One needs to wait for one’s turn, have patience and follow the rules, rather than ending up fighting with people, which will only earn disrespect and negativity.

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