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A best message for "Page not found (404 Error)" page

Posted on 09 JAN 2017 Under Personal Category

I’ve seen many websites (I am not pointing anyone’s website) which have nothing on "Page not found" (404 Error) page.

The most of the websites have simple message like "Page Not Found" only. Even my website doesn’t have any message till now (I’m planning to handle such issues and will update very soon).

But, the content which has written on Alvin Alexander’s website [on "Page Not Found (404 Error)"] impressed me.

Here is the content (message) written on his website...

A best message for Page not found (404 Error) page

As I understood, here is the description of the message written on 404 Error (Page not found); I would recommend for me and others to describe the issue properly and let Readers know how they can help you, how they can contact and when you will fix the issue?

1) Title.

Title, which should be relevant to the page (which is defining the page).

2) Sorry for the issue.

This is a common message to the Readers, apologising them for the page they were looking and the website is unable to provide.

3) Description why this issue occurred?

You can also describe the reasons about the issue.

4) A link of contact page to let him know what the issue is? (Which link is broken?)

There should be a link of contact page so that Reader can help you to aware the issue (broken link).

5) Thanks message.

In the last, it would be great if you say thanks to the readers for their patience and help!

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