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Never change your problem solving techniques, match them with the international standards.

19 JAN 2017

When I was in college, once my C programming language trainer told me that I have to change my problem solving techniques, I never changed. Now, I am solving problems since last 8+ years with the same techniques that I followed.

I would say never change your techniques to solve the problems, but the techniques must match the international standards.

Take breaks throughout the day while working.

17 JAN 2017

If you are working for long hours, you’ll feel tired and unable to solve the problems. Short time breaks will help you to reduce your work pressure, improve your problem solving ability.

What you can do in the short time breaks?

Blogging from Mars.

17 JAN 2017

Nowadays, I am eager to learn about Mars, I watch many videos related to Marks daily. There are two things in my mind always go on... blogging and Mars.

Last night I watched more than 10 videos and slept.

In the dream, I was on the Mars...

Now here’s a man who understands women.

15 JAN 2017

William Golding a British Novelist & Poet (1911-1993) wrote about the women:

❝I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men. They are far superior and always have been. Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her sperm, she will give you baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiples and enlarges what is given to her.
So if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!❞

- William Golding

Successful Indian bloggers and their incomes.

14 JAN 2017

This article from http://moneyconnexion.com/ displays the list of top successful Indian bloggers with their earnings, website name, Global Alexa ranking.

If you are a blogger, I would recommend reading this blog and knowing about the journey of these tops Indian bloggers.

Feeling happy after seeing 61 Active Visitors on my primary website.

12 JAN 2017

Generally there are 30 to 40 Active Visitors (when I check) on my primary website (www.includehelp.com) from all over the world.

But yesterday was lucky day for me; the time was 07:25 pm when I was checking the Google Analytics report on my Mobile.

Suddenly, My heartbeat was 200 as I saw 61 Active Visitors on www.includehelp.com; I thought something went wrong.

I started checking all parameters like traffic sources, visitor’s locations, active pages etc one by one, after checking them I felt relax "everything was okay" most of the visitors were from Google Organic Searches.

I took a snapshot, as I didn’t was miss that happy moment; here is the captured screenshot...

'Page not found' on 404 Error has been added.

11 JAN 2017

Few days back, I wrote a blog "A best message for 'Page not found (404 Error)' page." In this blog I wrote about "Error 404 - Page not found" content.

But I didn’t add this page, today designed the page and added, whenever there will be any broken link this page will display.

You can open the page by click here http://www.duggu.org/error-404.aspx or by typing any invalid link like http://www.duggu.org/anything.aspx

Here is the snap shot of the page...

Work is more important than the serial (Personal story).

10 JAN 2017

Sometimes I write short stories (which are basically good or bad incidents of my life).

Once (4 years back when she was with me) I and my girlfriend were watching a serial on TV, she was busy in watching the serial but I was working on my laptop too.

She said very sadly "Baby, can you tell me, what is more important for you? Me or your work..."

"I know why are you asking this? But work is more important than the serial." I said without looking at her.

Then she said nothing.

But I should have said to her...

A best message for 'Page not found (404 Error)' page.

09 JAN 2017

I’ve seen many websites (I am not pointing anyone’s website) which have nothing on "Page not found" (404 Error) page.

The most of the websites have simple message like "Page Not Found" only. Even my website doesn’t have any message till now (I’m planning to handle such issues and will update very soon).

But, the content which has written on Alvin Alexander’s website [on "Page Not Found (404 Error)"] impressed me.

Here is the content (message) written on his website...

Feeling good after getting first mail from the client.

09 JAN 2017

I am here to share my feeling how am I feeling after getting first mail from the client through contact page? A girl from Mumbai who is the owner of a website sent her requirement.

I'm really feeling very happy and no matter deal will be final or not; but the feelings are awesome.

Here is the snapshot of her mail...

Why I always use rel= 'dofollow' to everyone’s website?

09 JAN 2017

Frankly, I’m not getting paid for the backlinks.

Whenever I found useful information on any website like Inspiring quotes, quotes on company management, career and jobs or any useful article. I published them on my website and also give proper reference to concerned website with “dofollow” link.

My aim is to provide useful information to the Readers and they should also aware about the source of that information.

Got 2000/- (for first class) from my “Embedded C language” student.

08 JAN 2017

As I mentioned in my profile that I provide training (sometimes) but first time I started “Embedded C language classes” and got the first payment before the class.

The topics which I taught today:

  • Pins configurations
  • Glowing LED
  • Playing with BUZZER
  • Display characters on 16x2 LCD

Feeling good, now looking for more classes

What’s happening? I am unable to understand.

07 JAN 2017

Few months back, I visited to a town near to my village. I met two company directors who were running their computer programming classes (Sorry! I don’t want to share their institute’s name) with more than 500+ students.

I met them to hire some students to write on computer programming language on my primary website www.includehelp.com, there were two reasons behind this decision...

The day I was waiting for...

06 JAN 2017

the day I was waiting for...

Today I am feeling under the weather so didn’t go to the office and sleeping in my bed as there was very cold outside.

Suddenly my door bell rang, I was too lazy to go and open the door, so I waited for the second ring, it rang again, now I had didn’t have any options so I went and open the door...

Get relaxed your eyes from Computer Eyestrain by 20-20-20 rule for reducing Eyestrain.

04 JAN 2017

This labnol.org article shows how you can give relax your eyes from computer eyestrain.

If you work for long hours in front of computer screen, your eyes get tired and you may have dry eyes sometimes even followed by redness.

The 20-20-20 rule may help you to get relaxed your tired eyes and reduce Computer Eyestrain.

The rule is something like this...

Amazing, received 188 visitors from all sources within 3 hours.

04 JAN 2017

Along with the available categories, yesterday (at 09.00 P.M.) I started writing on Internet Tips and Tricks and wrote my first blog “Some useful Google Chrome shortcut keys” In which I wrote common but most useful shortcut keys of Google Chrome which I used (as I don’t like mouse/touch pad for all time).

I’m feeling great after seeing yesterday’s analytics report; there are 188 visitors on this new added category.

More visits encourage me to write more useful blogs.

Here is the snap shot of yesterday’s visits...

Awesome book for business man.

03 JAN 2017

Since last two days, when everybody was busy to celebrate new year I was reading a book “How I sold my business” written by “Alvin Alexander” the book was awesome, written facts are true and genuine.

I would recommend reading this book.

Here are the links

Author: Alvin Alexander
Book’s website: How I sold my business

Happy New Year, Let’s welcome 2017.

01 JAN 2017

Dear friends,

Happy new year to you and your family

May every day of year 2017 glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family!

happy new year 2017

I am really thankful for your response in 2016 (Thank you message from December 31, 2016), I’ll hope same response I’ll get in this year 2017.

Thank you friends! December 31, 2016.

31 DEC 2016

Dear friends,

I would say thanks to stay with me and help me to make this website successful. Since I started this website few months before still the results were awesome.

I want to appreciate your concern with my website and I’m really thankful to you all.

This is my last blog in the year 2016, and I promise I’ll provide more useful blogs in the New Year 2017.

Thanks again.

How much time do you spend each day on the following time stealers?

26 DEC 2016

Found these points in an e-book (Handbook on Time Management Skills), these time stealers points really sucks our life and a big barrier while managing our time.

How much time do you spend each day on the following time stealers?
Why do/will I have so little time?

26 DEC 2016

Found these points in an e-book (Handbook on Time Management Skills), these points explain us why do we have so little time?

If we want more time, we should focus on these points and fix them.

Why do/will I have so little time?
Why I love http://alvinalexander.com/?

26 DEC 2016

Mr. Alvin J. Alexander is the guy behind the http://alvinalexander.com/ and he is writing since 1998 (May be before the Google) and he continuously updates the blogs.

The blogs which are written by him may be short but meaningful and useful to me that is the big reason to love his website.

Alvin J.Alexander
Waiting for my ideal’s (Mr. Alvin J. Alexander) reply.

26 DEC 2016

I didn’t want to share it with you friend but I couldn’t.

Today I wrote a message to my ideal blogger (He is programming book writer, developer) Mr. Alvin J. Alexander who is the founder of http://alvinalexander.com/ where he write his thought and technical tutorials on Java, iPhone, iPad,Mac OS,Android etc...

Alvin J.Alexander
A cup of coffee helps me to manage stress.

23 DEC 2016

It is 02:30 AM and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, coffee reduces my stress and keeps me energetic.

As I was sipping my coffee, I just thought of writing about coffee and the benefits of drinking coffee...

Remembering my Ex in my Dreams.

23 DEC 2016

The dream which energised me

Image Source: http://dreamwallpage.blogspot.in/2013_07_01_archive.html

Last night I had a dream, I was with my ex girlfriend in her house. I was surprised that her husband also allowed me to stay with her.

After two years of her marriage I suddenly went to her home, I didn’t even know her residential address; still I was standing outside her house...

When my Dad said 'Do whatever you want...'

21 DEC 2016

As I am fully dedicated to my regular job and blogging therefore I am no more interested in going to college and collecting degrees.

When I was pursuing Master Degree for the first time, I got frustrated by the college’s education system; there was nothing new to learn, I decided not to complete my degree...

How to save money when you are earning less?

17 DEC 2016

save money when you are earning less

Image Source: http://www.glamasia.com/2014/09/03/smart-girls-guide-saving-money/

Today, where everything is so expensive, saving can be really tough; here are a few tips which might help everyone.

Saving these days is really difficult, inflation has risen so much that everything is so expensive...

Some most depressing things in programmer's life.

17 DEC 2016

Things that depress and irritate a programmer

Image Source: http://cunooz.com/tag/sad/

I'm writing codes in 0's and 1's since last 6+ years and have faced many depressing things in my life as a programmer.

So I decided to write a short blog about "Some of the most depressing things in a programmer's life"...

PIZZA snatching episode.

17 DEC 2016

pizza snatching episode

Today I was in a party with around 20 guys. I was tired as I didn’t sleep last night properly and was feeling sleepy at the party.

When the dinner was getting ready in the restaurant, I thought I can sleep for a while.

I slept for a few minutes...

Life is filled with nice people if you can’t find one be one.

16 DEC 2016

We all have numerous expectations from others, as others have expectations from us. When these expectations are unfulfilled or not up to our expected level, we usually get disappointed or unhappy. We start get negative vibes about the person who is unable to fulfil our expectations. What we need to remember in such situations is that the world is filled with good people, we need o keep our eyes and mind open. And even after doing so we are unable to find a person good enough as per expectation, and then the best thing to do is to be a good person yourself. Because it is believed that if you do goods then it will come back to you from others.

Don’t let the noise of others opinion drown out your own inner voice.

16 DEC 2016

Steve Jobs quoted "Don’t let the noise of others opinion drown out your own inner voice".

It is human behaviour to think and act accordingly what people want us to think and act as. All of us at some point of time, worry about the opinions of others, or about what people think about us; how they perceive us. Many a times it happens that we start living with our false self. The false self is influenced by the perception and opinion of others, so that we are able to impress them or get accepted by them. We unconsciously start living the way people want us to live like, according to their expectations. In this process we forget our very own real self, the person we actually are. Many a time’s conflicts between the false self and the real self make life confusing and difficult.

Met a girl, who wanted to start a blog.

15 DEC 2016

Today I met a girl to guide her on how to start blogging, as she wanted to start a blog.

Why I’m writing this blog?

I was confused and a little upset about her questions.

You should have a girl now - Suddenly policy has changed for me.

13 DEC 2016

In the first week of the December, I went to a beer bar (I’m not writing review, so bar’s name is not mentioned here) located at Nehru Place, New Delhi.

There was a receptionist (a guy who was standing near a counter outside the bar), I asked for the prices of liquor and told him that I would be coming back with my friends after a few minutes.

Every new day is another chance to change your life.

13 DEC 2016

Many a times we indulge in the wrong deeds or wrong things, which we regret afterwards. We conduct many mistakes, which we feel we should not have conducted and sit regretting them. But this is not the right way to live your life. Everyone conducts mistakes in life, its art of life, but instead of sitting and mourning over them; one should learn from them and should be careful that such mistakes are not repeated in the future.

Honesty is a very expensive gift don’t expect it from cheap people.

13 DEC 2016

Warren Buffett quoted "Honesty Is a Very Expensive Gift, Don’t Expect It from Cheap People"