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Last night, I became a professional blogger.

May 17, 2017

Last night I was in a birthday party in my society (I just got invitation from the parents of that one year old girl, I really didn’t know them. Still I went with a gift)...

Road side party with a dog.

May 07, 2017

While travelling to another city, last night I thought to drink beer. I bought three bottles. I wanted to sit a in a nearest bar but the auto driver told me to sit at a restaurant (that was a road side open restaurant).

road side part with a dog

It is difficult to find a regular content writer.

May 05, 2017

Sometimes it is difficult to find regular content writers, you may easily find a good content writer, but it is not sure he/she will be regular.

Relaxing at a bar with Kingfisher Ultra premium .

April 29, 2017

Here is a picture that I captured from my mobile, when I was sitting in a bar to get relaxed. I was there with one of my friends; we enjoyed "Kingfisher Ultra Premium Beer".

Anger may cause many problems (personal).

April 27, 2017

Today I was very angry with my friend, after 2 hours of Skype conversation, I realised that I was wrong, here I would say please do not get angry with anyone specially them who are everything in your life.

Finally got a call from bank regarding Google AdSense Incomes.

April 22, 2017

Yesterday I was about to reach my flat, suddenly I got a call from bank in which I have a salaried account, executive told me that my account’s income is suspicious due to two monthly payments.

I tried to explain him that another income (which is transferring in dollars) is from Google and it is 100% genuine. But he was unable to understand...

Reply to the CEO of Snapchat from Duggu.org.

April 16, 2017

As I read on social media that Snapchat CEO (I don’t know his name and I really don’t want to know) said "his app is not for poor countries like India". Here I would reply to him...

If he said these words, then he must be aware...

3 websites that pay you to work in your Pajamas [The Ultimate Online Business Bundle].

March 31, 2017

I would recommend reading these books, if you want to make money online...

Book title
MONEY ONLINE: How to Make Money on the Internet: 3 Websites That Pay You to Work in Your Pajamas (The Ultimate Online Business Bundle) (Making Money Online Series)

Click on the given image to read deatils/order

Per month's income crossed $100 after 6 months Ad monetization.

March 30, 2017

Wau! after 6 months of ad monetization, I started earning more than $100 per month. Since it is not a great achievement. But, if more than 80% traffic is from India and other low paying counties, it is good starting.

Now, I can work more, invest more because I saw a green sign from the Google AdSense.

All credit goes to IncludeHelp’s and Duggu’s Readers.

Thanks and Love you all guys!!!

Here is the proof...

Frustration party - enjoyed last night with friends.

March 29, 2017

Frustration party with friends

I am a blogger, programmer and trainer (teach programming languages and things related to blogging like SEO, Digital Marketing, Website Design and Development).

But, I am a human actually, so sometimes get frustrated with my daily life routine like office, blogging, less sleep and again office...

First meeting in KFC (Connaught place, Delhi) with vegetarian meal.

March 19, 2017

First time, today I went to KFC in Connaught place, Delhi to meet a client. I thought that KFC provides only non vegetarian food but I was wrong. I had 100% vegetarian food.

The meal box containing burger, other dishes (I really don't know the name, client ordered for me) was something like that:

Back to work.

February 22, 2017

Working form hotel room

After attending friend's marriage and two meetings (in different cities), I am back to work now. I was unable to write more blogs, but I published some blogs in these 3 days. Here is the list of those blogs.

Only you are not an expert in any field other are there too.

February 19, 2017

One of the things you have to remember when working with the team in any organization is that "Only you are not an expert in any field others may be better than you".

Why I'm writing this statement?

Yesterday, I was working in the office; one of my teammates was upset, I went up to him and asked "What happened?"

"Nothing, there is some problem in this code and it is not giving expected result" he replied showing piece of codes.

Is content writing from others helpful for a personal blog?

12 FEB 2017

I am busy to write technical articles on IncludeHelp so there is less time to work on this website, so I was thinking to hire few content writers who can write quality content for the website.

Since I started this website as my personal blog (sometimes I accept guest blogs), so I am little bit confused whether I should go through this option or not?

I contacted few freelance writers and waiting for their replies. Hopefully things will be settled.

Success Mantras for a blogger.

09 FEB 2017

Nowadays everybody wants to become a successful person, want to earn money and fame. Blogging is also a best way to fulfil your dreams; blogging may give you both money and fame. But your blog must be successful.

Hello friends, today I am here with some points (facts) about the blogging, if you want to become a successful blogger and earn fame and money. You will have to make your blog successful, in this blog I am writing some Success Mantras for a blogger:

Finally I am on Facebook, let's show your interest.

06 FEB 2017

Hello friends,

After thinking a lot, I decided to create Facebook page for the www.duggu.org, to post recently published blogs so that you could get instant notification about my blog.

Here is the link of the page: https://www.facebook.com/dugguorg/

I would request you to all to like the page; you can click on the follow "Like" button. Thanks.

Here you can connect with the students who are looking for trainer.

03 FEB 2017

If you want to earn money by teaching students, this website may help you to connect to the students.

Website: https://www.tutorialspoint.com
Page link: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/tutor_connect/index.php

how to find students to teach, where to join as trainer

If you are passionate about the training and want to earn money by sharing your knowledge, by creating your account as a teacher/trainer, you can reach to the students. And off course, here everything is free; you do not need to pay anything to create profile or to get enquiries from the students.

All the best.

I have no Idea, what I did in last two days?

03 FEB 2017

I was sick, suffering from fever, cold and cough still I’ve worked more than 20 hours in these two days but as I checked the work result there is no new post on the website by me.

I am shocked what I did?

How engaged are visitors to duggu.org?

29 JAN 2017

After 2 months and 5 days, here is the ALEXA ranking of duggu.org (I check these traffic stats from this link: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/duggu.org#trafficstats).

ALEXA Global Rank: 1,208,104
Rank in India: 66,385
Bounce Rate: 26.10%
Daily page views per visitors: 7.80
Daily time on site: 19:03

Domain and Page Authority after two months of the starting.

29 JAN 2017

It's really a great achievement, within two months http://www.duggu.org/ is able to get domain and page authority, website started on 24th November 2016 and today (29 January 2017), after 2 months and 5 days. http://www.duggu.org/ has 6 Domain Authority and 21 Home page Authority.

Domain and Page Authority of duggu.org

Sometimes, the time is a barrier in blogging.

29 JAN 2017

I do full time job in a company and manage three websites simultaneously, it was really though for me to manage websites with the full time job.

Due to shortage of time, sometimes I was not able to:

  • Take breakfast in the morning.
  • Make a call to my parents and friends.
  • Make a plan to visit somewhere.
  • Go for walk.

There are many other things/activities which I am losing and I am unable to find a solution. Many times I decide to sleep early around 11 or 12 pm but when I see the sticky notes on my wall there are many pending things to do. Then, immediately I started on them.

Now, the time is 03:30 am and I’m awake like an own :(

Use your most of the time on yourself until you get succeed.

28 JAN 2017

Submitted by Stuti Verma

Don't spend even single second on those who taking you for granted. Life has many things enjoy it rather than make sorrow on that thing which really not even worthy.

We are trying to get our ambition and day by day obstacles and competition is increasing. We allow increasing that competition because we are not prepared as better as we can.

Tips to manage blogs (websites) with full time job.

27 JAN 2017

I wrote this blog especially for them who are working full time in any company and run their website(s). I know it may tough to manage website(s) while you’re working full time.

I think I can give really working tips to manage blogs with full time job, as I am working full time in a company and managing my three websites.

In this blog I’m writing what I do to manage my websites? Here are the some ways which I follow:

My first income, expenses and reasons to start part time job.

26 JAN 2017

In the 2006, I started learning Microsoft Office to teach other students while everybody was busy to learn C programming language. I learn from their c programming notes and pay my tuition fees to learn Microsoft Office.

After learning Microsoft Office, I joined a computer training institute to teach basic computer subjects like fundamental, word, excel and PowerPoint.

I taught 6 hours in day and my monthly payment was only 600/- rupees only. But I was happy as I was learning many new things like teaching skills, managing students etc...

I am a programmer first and then I am a blogger.

26 JAN 2017

Now-a-days, everybody is using WordPress, Blogger, Drupal etc to manage their websites, but I’m not. Sometimes my friends ask why I don’t use.

My reply is for them "I am programmer first, and then I am a blogger"

Late night dinner (Egg Bhurji with Turmeric Milk).

25 JAN 2017

Egg Bhurji with Turmeric Milk

The time is 02:20 am, I was feeling hungry, I opened fridge, two eggs and a packet of milk were there. I decided to prepare Egg Bhurji. I boiled the milk with turmeric.

Online shopping: when I got the product at 0 rupees.

24 JAN 2017

This amazing online shopping experience shared by "Stuti Verma".

Online shopping is one of favourite hanging out, I just feel good when I do this. I have so much experience about online shopping, but this experience was special for me as this provides me 100℅ discount.

Last year, I purchased one top from Flipkart I didn't like that top’s color, so I requested for refund but my refund request could not be processed at that time. Then I checked the refund status, that has been stuck and refund couldn’t be processed because the dealer didn’t want to accept that product...

When my bother said, you need a psychiatrist.

24 JAN 2017

I'm living with my brother, last week when we are coming back from the office; I was on the driver seat and he was on the front seat.

My focus was on the road and he was searching something on the mobile.

"I'm going to book your appointment." He said, without removing his focus from the mobile.
"With whom?"
"With a psychiatrist"

No one is as close as my laptop.

24 JAN 2017

After analysing my past few months' routine, I found that my laptop is the best buddy. I sleep with it, I get up with it.

I spend 16+ hours on my laptop; no one is as close as my laptop.

GoDaddy has an amazing Professional Assistant (Swetha), few minutes conversation with her.

23 JAN 2017

My two website’s hosting was going to expire by tomorrow, so I’d to renew hosting plans. I was doing but there was no discount coupon available on the website or maybe I was not able to find them.

Then I called to GoDaddy Customer Care, after 10 minutes, my call connected to the company. There was a professional Assistant named Swetha who helped me to provide coupon code, she applied 25% discount on all my purchases.

I’m here, just not because she helped me to save my money, but her communication skills was awesome, the way that she was using, I impressed, she was very helpful (it may her duty, I usually talk to customer case executives but this time I really felt good).

Then, I purchased some other plans too like premium emails, hosting for another website etc.

Thanks Swetha, if you are reading this blog, please don’t change your helpful nature.

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