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3 Tips to Touch up Your Fitness Photos in Photoshop

Posted on 03 FEB 2017 By Isabella Foreman Under Guest Blogs Category

3 Tips to Touch up Your Fitness Photos in Photoshop

Today we have high definition cameras that can make some pretty amazing pictures. Unfortunately, high definition has its own drawbacks that come with the territory. When everything is enhance things like zits, scars, sunburn or a mole, are also more than obvious in these pictures. Since this is the case, the images need to be edited in a tool like Photoshop, in order to look presentable.

When it comes to fitness images, you have a clear goal, you want to display human body in peak condition, or as close to perfection as possible. So, it is in everyone’s best interest to eradicate all of the irregularities, or flaws that diminish the picture’s true beauty. Here we will give out some tips on how to do this. Let’s take a look at three simple tips on how to improve your fitness photos using Photoshop.SmartPHOTOeditors for Photoshop services.

1) Removing zits, moles, and other unpleasant parts

Photoshop CS5 came with an incredible built-in feature called content-aware. You can use it spot all of the irregularities and small parts on the canvas that you don’t want to see (skyline, trees, moles etc.). All you need to do is turn on content-aware feature and select Spot Healing Brushlocated on the left sidebar. Adjust the brush size to fit your needs and click on the spots you wish to remove. This technique is not perfect, but you can undo your move and make another attempt.

2) Dealing with shadows

When there is a lot of sun, there are also a lot of shadows in the picture, and shadows are more than capable of obscuring important details that you wish to be clearly visible. To deal with shadowintensity, you need to do the following. Go to Image → Adjustments → Levels. It is the option that gives you the insight into the shade or light distribution across the photo. A bar will appear that controls the limits of both darkest shades (far left slider) as well as brightest highlights (far right slider).

You are going to use middle one, which can determine whether your image is inclined to the dark or the light side. Simply move the middle slide to the left to lift the shadows and give light more space. This way you can either brighten or darken your photos.

3) Fixing discoloring

3 Tips to Touch up Your Fitness Photos in Photoshop

In order to make skin irritation like sunburns invisible, you need to do the following. You should select Color Replacement Tool, which is achieved by long-pressing the brush tool and selecting one of its modes called Saturation. Select the color you wish to apply and the brush will apply that color to the chosen area.

This cannot give perfect results though, since you can’t find the exact skin color you want, so the saturated parts might look like they are made out of clay, when you look really closely. You can repair this by using the same tool and selecting the mode “color” then use it to give that part a more natural color that will be much harder to notice, and it will only look a little fake.


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