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10 Wedding Photography Facts every Bride and Groom should know

Posted on 04 MAR 2017 By Isabella Foreman Under Guest Blogs Category

Tips for wedding photography

It often happens that soon-to-be-married couples forget all about how important wedding photography really is. The actual party might convince some guests that nuptials truly are the climax of every love story, but there’ll always be those that dislike your choices of decoration, find your color palette too bright or claim that your wedding theme would be better executed in another venue.

While the ceremony is equally about living your dream and impressing others, the photographs are what stay with you two for eternity. They are a perfect little token of how special and in love you truly are, and they should be as gorgeous as possible. There are, however, some things you should know about this unique art form before your special day starts.

1) Wedding Photography Can Be Quite Expensive

What are the best tips for wedding photos

If you’ve already done your homework and made the first draft of your wedding checklist, you’re pretty much aware of how expensive wedding photographers can be. It might seem like nonsense to an amateur, especially since it’s only a couple of hours of work, but wedding photography is one of those investments that pay off.

The higher the price, the better treatment your photos will have – their overall quality depends on what kind of equipment and editing software is being used, and those can be quite expensive in the first place.

2) The Best Photographer Should Be Booked in Advance

Many high-end photographers are booked about ayear in advance. In case you have a specific person in mind, don’t wait for a second longer! It goes without saying that this decision shouldn’t be made lightly, but if a certain portfolio has already enchanted you, the chances are great you’ll miss an opportunity to be a part of it in only a week or so.

Even a day can make a great difference when it comes to this part of your wedding plan! Alternatively, you can ask your overbooked first-choice photographer to recommend you one of their colleagues whose photos are of similar style.

3) Photo Editing Is Just As Important

The editing process can last for up to a week, and it’s only natural that photographers who retouch their pictures by themselves ask for more money than those who outsource. Whichever you choose, remember that this backroom part of photography is just as important as the photo session itself. If unedited, your pictures might not look their best, and this applies to both style and execution.

4) Shoot, and Burn Is Cheap But Risky

Wedding photography facts

In case such full-package photographer is still way too expensive for your budget, shoot and burn can be a solid alternative. This practice delivers photographs in a digital form immediately after the wedding, which means that no editing will be included in the deal. You can then employ one of wedding photo editing services to deliver the final touch, in case the result is not as impressive as you expected it to be.

5) A Second Photographer Is Not Entirely Unnecessary

Even though you can hardly afford to pay a single in-demand photographer, most wedding planners advise that you should hire not one, but two of them. However insignificant it may seem at the moment, having someone to cover all of those blind angles and capture your family and friends while your main wedding photographer follows the two of you around is necessary if you want your special day to be fully documented.

6) 50 Snaps per Hour Is Actually a Lower Limit

Typically, couples get around four hundred picks from one photographer. That means that yours should provide about fifty snaps per hour, which is not that much. When you think about it, whenever you guys do something together during your wedding day, that’s the first time you’ve done it as a married couple, so why not get a memento of all of those milestones? From thefirst kiss to thefirstbinder, the best photographer is the one that captures every single detail.

7) There’s No Magic Touch without Trust

Wedding photography facts for couples

Being a wedding photographer is nowhere near easy. There’s always a huge amount of pressure that they need to carry on their shoulders, especially if the newlyweds can’t quite explain what they want. To make the most of your wedding photo session, you’ll need to work side by side with the artist.

In case you have a clear picture of what your photos should look like, but cannot translate that into words, make sure to find some similar examples online and send them to your photographer. If, however, you have no particular idea of your own, trust your photographer’s vision and allow them to do their magic without any interruptions.

8) Everything Can Happen

Be prepared – there’s always something that goes wrong on weddings! Your experienced photographer knows that very well and certainly has a plan B for everything that might ruin your photo session. It usually happens that a bride’s makeup gets spoiled or one of the bridesmaids steps down on a gown tail. All these inconveniences can be easily fixed, so don’t stress much about it. Your special day might not be entirely perfect, but the best ones rarely are!

9) Organization is a Key

Maintain constant communication with your photographer! Make sure to visit the location before the wedding and snap a couple of previews. It’s a perfect opportunity to explain and show what you really want, to see whether the theme goes along with the surroundings and to loosen up a bit. If posing for pictures doesn’t come entirely natural to you, make some time to practice! It’s important to have everything organized in advance so that you can actually enjoy your photo session and have fun modeling. After all, that’s the whole point!

10) It All Depends on You

Wedding photography facts for Bride and Groom

The worst thing you could do is to spend a small fortune on hiring an in-demand wedding photographer and then not give them the creative freedom they need to deliver the best possible result. The quality of your photos depends on you as much as it depends on the artists, so try to be flexible and listen to what they have to say! Since photographer’s perspective will always be better than yours, why not take a photo session as an opportunity to unwind and warm up for the big day?

Finally, take a couple of snaps of your own! Ask a photographer to join you, have a candid moment with your best friends and try not to be nervous about how the pictures will look. Happiness makes people beautiful, and that’s the only thing you should worry about on your wedding day.


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