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Why you should use Link Ad Units?

Posted on 25 NOV 2016 Under Google AdSense Category

Many webmasters avoid using Link Ad Units, but here I am talking about why you should use Link Ad Units?

  • If your website's traffic is coming from INDIA and it's a fact Google pays low CPC in INDIA than other countries, then only one choice is left that we should focus on increasing Clicks Through Rate (CTR) so that we can earn a good revenue.
  • Since Google allows only three display ad units and if we use Link Ad units, definitely Click through Rate (CTR) will increase.
  • Link Ad Units displays relevant links, for example if your blog is based on marketing, Google will display marketing related links only. Readers find these links useful; therefore it increases the number of clicks.
  • Link Ads also give a good CPC.

Therefore I would recommend this specially to, those whose website traffic source is INDIA; to use Link Ad Units and see the difference it makes.

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