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Meaning of Cost Through Rate (CTR) in an AdSense term

September 22, 2017 Google AdSense DUGGU.ORG

what is CTR?

Image source: http://www.btpdigitalgroup.com/5-ways-lower-cost-per-click/

CTR in AdSense

CTR stands for Click through rate which means how often people see your ad and end up with clicking on it. In other words, it is a percentage of clicks. It is very important for publisher as well as advertiser point of view.

CTR: No. of clicks / impressions x 100.

For example: If there is any Ad placed on any Website. Clicks on that Ad were 10 & impressions were 1000. Clicks / Impressions = 10 / 1000 x 100 = 1%.

Basically, it is divided into 2 Parts:

  1. Page CTR
  2. Ad CTR

Page CTR: It is calculated by: No. of Clicks / Page Views x 100

Ad CTR: It is calculated by: No. of Clicks / Ad Impressions x 100

Publisher CTR

In Analytics term Page CTR is known as Publisher CTR. In AdSense term, Publisher CTR is known as Page CTR.It is calculated by: No. of clicks / Page Views x 100

Why CTR is important?

CTR is much important in AdSense and it works like backbone in your earning.

How to Increase (Revenue) AdSense CTR Rate?

For increasing this we have to work on the revenue part. It's basically depends on your:

  • Placement of Ads
  • Sizes of Ads
  • Avoid Ad Blindness
  • Responsive layout: website speed depends on device.
  • Good Quality Content
  • Increase Search Traffic
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Reduce Number of Ads
  • How relevant your ads with your website content.
  • CTR 2-3% is ok & up to 5% is also good. But if it is higher than 5%, you should be concerned. This is because Google will take notice of such high CTR and will look deep into your website.

Why we focus on CTR towards AdSense?

For maximising viewability and better engagement with your Ads.

How much Ads you can place it on one page of a Website?

Previously, we can place 8 ads on one page. At that you can place 3 display ads, 3 link unit ads & 2 search ads. But now we can place unlimited ads according to length and quality of the content.

Why Analytics CTR and AdSense CTR is different?

Minor difference will remain always. AdSense is a website monetization tool. We put script in header, footer & sidebar while, An Analytics is a traffic capturing tool. It is a free tool. 100% data is not correct. We put script before header.

Discrepancy due to following points:

  1. UC Browser – UC Browser doesn’t support AdSense Ads. AD will not render on UC browser.
  2. AD Blocking tool
  3. Scripting
  4. If AdSense ads render through DFP, then pageviews will not be count.


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