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Best placements for Google AdSense Link Ad units

Posted on 25 NOV 2016 Under Google AdSense Category

Here I am sharing few of my experiments with the Google AdSense Link Ad Units, like where I placed them and how I increased my revenue through Link Ad Units.

Here I am not writing about Link Ad Units to increase the content of the this webpage.

If you are reading this blog I hope you are aware about Link Ad Units, if not kindly get familiar with it to understand this blog better. One thing that I want to share with is that you can use only three Link Ad Units with maximum three other Ad Units (banner, box based Ads).

Here are the best places where one can place the Link Ad Units

  • Just below the menus
  • Just after two or three paragraphs in your blog/article content
  • Below/above the right navigation bar

Since Google AdSense allows only three Link Ad units and you have to be very careful to place them at a good position so that CTR increases, meaning more clicks more revenue.

Link Ad Units easily match with the content and they appear like menus, if you place them after the menu reader will find them useful and they can click to read on. So I would recommend if you are experimenting with the Link Ad Units, you should try this one.

Another place for Link Ad Units is, you can place them between the blog/article content. Why?

When readers read the content and find any useful link within the content they will click and want to read the content linked with that Link Ad unit. I am personally using two Link Ad Units within the content on my primary website www.includehelp.com

So I would also recommend placing Link Ad units at this position.

You can also place the Link Ad Units in the right navigation panel, since many webmasters display menus and popular post in the Right navigation panel and it is also the best placement for the Link Ad units to convent impressions into the clicks.

These are the three best ad placements for the Link Ad units, which I use. Currently I am using three Link Ad units and the respective positions are:

  • One is placed in the Header (top right position)
  • Two are placed within the content just below the Large Rectangle (Image and Text) Ad unit.

Both are performing good and getting I am getting 20+ more clicks on these Link Ad units per day and getting good revenue. I am unable to share my earnings due to Google AdSense policies but trust me guys I am getting good revenue out of it.

You should try Link Ad units specially if you are suffering from low CTR and not getting the desired results.

All the best!


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