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Relationships: Life's sweetest dessert

July 16, 2017 General

We all have a bunch of relationships that we share. We fulfill our relationships responsibilities out of love, compassion and care that we hold in our heart for them. Relationships can only be survived when two sides of wheel are balanced, In other words we can say that when both of you make efforts for each other , has respect for each other etc. If one has done something wrong then it’s not that you people start playing the blame card, curse them or insult them, instead you should stand by their side and make them understand what wrong they did without making other partner feel like vulnerable.

Relationships will never be seen as a responsibility to you people if we fulfilling this out without any expectation, without feeling like that it’s my duty or anything. So this how you will be able to accomplish those responsibilities that relationships brings out with themselves with open arms and with all the joy in your heart. We always try to compare one relationships with one another , but what I think is that we can never be able to define relationships because every relationships is unique in their own way whether it’s with your parents ,friends ,girlfriends etc.etc. You will find distinctive essence of each relationship. If you want relationship to work then pay respect to each other’s privacy and space. Sometime we deliberately screw things in our relationships by rooting bunch of silly problems like not confronting to partner about their behavior which you not liking it and many more. We never should exaggerate rage or anger to that extent that it end up ruining your beautiful relationship, instead talk and take that anger out, it will help you understanding each other that what problems you are having, so both of you can fix it together and can take more steps to make it successful and nourish it with more love and care. Warmth, affection, laughter and jolliness will flow of its own if both of you are paying attention to each other’s little things likes their likes and dislikes. I’m not saying that relationships always have a smooth phase, certainly not, there comes a point where we get screwed and make decisions which we regret later on in life, but what I think is that this used to be the time where our relationships gets tested, how you can hold on to each other when you almost feel like giving up on each other. So it’s always advisable that make decision calmly because after that there is no coming back only we can repent on what we already did. Nowadays I came across with so many people who are afraid of commitments may be because of fear of responsibilities that relationships will be bringing, but I want to ask you people why you have a fear? Because what I think is that if you love someone, want someone in your life then why such attitude?, follow your heart, embrace it with all the happiness and see what consequences it brings in your way of life instead of weighing its responsibilities, pros and cons, although it’s natural to have such fear but remember roses too have thorns, despite of it we still embrace it with all felicity right, same goes with relationships.

So we should have love to such extent that we don’t feel responsibility as a burden but as a part of affection and care towards our loved ones. Responsibility is not about creating restrictions or burden on someone because love comes up with no sort of burden or pressures. If there is endless love in your relationships, it will automatically compel you to perform your duty towards your loved ones. love unconditionally ,responsibility will find its own way to get fulfilled and never ever develop "I", "YOU" attitude towards each other because in relationships there is no "I" and "YOU" the word which always exist is "WE" ,that’s how trust and connection build up in relationships.

Thank you

This blog is written by Ms. Neeru Tomar.


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