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Parents: next to god

July 16, 2017 General

Our parents are the best part of our life which has been provided by the God. So don`t you think that we should take care of them and respect them. They sacrificed their whole life for making our life better to live in. They always tried to give us a comfortable, happier and healthier life. As they are next to God they should be treated as the special one.

When we are in trouble, they will be in more trouble for finding the solution. When we are happy, they will be happier than us. When we are sad, they will be more upset than us. They give us birth, foster us and made worthy of doing everything. It’s not easy to perform the role and responsibility of parents. When we took a birth on this planet, how much we were disable to do the things but that was the moment when our parents hold our fingers and made us to walk. If today you are successful then it’s just because of the manners which they inculcate in you. They always treated you as a Rose. Despite of having so many thorns then also we are lovable to them. They are the only ones who praise or extol us for our good things and screamed or shouts when we do something wrong.

They transformed their excited life into humdrum life just to foster us. They do not eat anything; don’t buy anything for the sake of upbringing of us. They used to sleep after us and wake up before us. According to others, each and everyone should take at least of 8 hours of sleep but our parents don’t which can have some fatal effects on them. But in a race to make their child a better, hardworking and to outshine him all around the world, they don’t even look after themselves.

Then comes a stage of life where children have to give something in return to their parents i.e. the old age of their parents. But nowadays it is considered as the worst stage of life. Here comes a big question mark that why it is so? Nowadays children consider their parents as a burden or curse on them. They used to abandon their parents who sacrificed their whole life for them just because they are so busy in their personal and professional life that they cannot even take one meal of the day with them. Old Parents used to wait for hours and hours that when their child will come and ask for their well-being.

What a time has come that child gets frustrated and irritated by their need of one meal also. Consequently, they drop their parents in the old age homes and give them a satisfaction by saying that I will come in an hour to take you again but they don’t used to come again. It is such a shameful and sounds very selfish thing when we see parents waiting and crying for their children. It’s something which annoys me so much that how can somebody abandons their parents who turned their whole life for satisfying our needs and what we did with them was just beyond their imagination. These are the situations which compel them to think that why I gave birth to such a child. They just pray to god to take away their life.

Give them a heavenly life and respect for their sacrifices which they made for our life. Just try to spice up their life from their humdrum life by thinking about them and do not abandon them because they did the things which nobody else on this planet can do for you.

No love is greater than mom’s love.

No care is greater than dad’s care.

Thank You

This blog is written by Ms. Neha Tomar.


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