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Depression: Causes and Its Remedies

June 09, 2017 General

Depression - its causes and remedies

Nowadays there are many people among us who go through depression, stress, anxiety etc. Generation of today’s times generally become prey of such problems, which affects their state of well being, ones thoughts process etc. People who suffer through these mental disorders become hopeless, start to feel like they are worthless of everything; they go through so many emotions at the same time, which sometime persuade them to adopt fatal decisions like committing suicide.

Question arises why these disorders causes? So there are few mentioned below-

  1. Generally these disorders like depression ,stress etc. can be seen in single child whose both parents working , having no time for their child , just busy in their lives. So child starts to enter into the state of depression because he/she has no one to express their feelings.
  2. Relationships may cause depression, when people go through breakups, ups & downs in their relationships; they flooded with so many emotions which can lead to depression.
  3. Work pressure, unfriendly work environment, negative reviews from colleagues & boss etc. can also be responsible for depression.
  4. In case of students it could be because of study pressure, parents pressure when they are burdening them with their thoughts dos & donts.

Mitigation to cope up with depression, stress etc. are

  1. Doing meditation for 10-15 minutes will help in curing depression.
  2. be expressive, when you can’t express your thoughts verbally, start maintaining your diary & write your thoughts on it. You will feel good.
  3. In severe cases take help of therapist who will guide you in recovering from depression.
  4. Get enough sleep because lack of sleep worsens your depression level, so it is advised that a person should take 8-9 hours of sleep.
  5. If your lifestyle is in disturbances, male changes in that accordingly.
  6. Socialising can be very effective in curing depression & will reduce your isolation & will ultimately helps in recovering depression.
  7. There are certain supplements are also available for treatment of depression like fish oil, folic acid etc. But these should be taken after consulting your doctor.
  8. Take some break from your regular work and try to explore yourself like travelling, joining some fruitful classes etc. which will help you in learning new things.

So, those were the some helpful tips to resolve depression, hoping this article will help a tad. Life is a gift don’t finish it just because of tiny problems that you face in your daily life. It’s beautiful life live to the fullest, make best out of it. Stop freting about plans, don’t dwell over your past, and don’t criticize mistakes that you have done. As it is said that when god throws a problem to you, it also paves a way to resolve that problem … so be watchful.

Thank you!

This blog is written by Ms. Neeru Tomar.


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