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Cramming and its effect on Students

July 26, 2017 General Enakshi Dasgupta

The Government of Delhi, under the AAP government, is bringing about a change in the education system in schools under it. At the forefront of it is Manish Sisodia, the education mister of Delhi, who has been recently coined Education Chacha, a hashtag that has been trending on twitter for a while now.

The Delhi Government is aiming to change the way assessment is conducted in schools. As a government official told the Daily Pioneer, their main goal is to look and access the learning levels of children, claiming to change the cramming oriented mindset of both teachers and students. They aim to do so by changing the question paper formats in exams.

This move has garnered a huge amount of good reviews and positive reactions which are rightly deserved. Changing the assessment system may very easily help the students as many times most of the stress caused to students is by exams.

Let’s have a look at the adverse effects that Test Induced Stress causes to students:

1. Substance Abuse
Students often find themselves overwhelmed with exams and studies, which may drive them to try and find different outlets for relaxation. These outlets include addictive substances like alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

2. Weight issues
Weight issues are a common effect of stress. Exams often lead to irregular eating patterns, according to the necessary time that has to be devoted to studies.

3. Drop out Rates
Though there are many other factors influencing drop-out rates, poor test results and negative academic success may often cause students to drop out or flunk their education

4. Depression/anxiety
Depression and anxiety are common problems for students during exam seasons. Pressure upon students by family and even themselves to achieve certain grades often aggravate the situation.

5. Physical health problems
Test induced stress often also causes problems like heightened or low blood pressure, breating problems, skin problems, arthritis and so on.

6. Sleep issues
Stress can cause changes in sleep patterns. This can manifest in two ways. Some students are unable to sleep and stay up late to study. Others may end up sleeping more to cope with stress.

7. Compromised immune system
Stress can compromise the immune system and leave students more susceptible to diseases and may even find it harder to recover from them.

8. Cognitive symptoms
Stress may very well cause memory problems, making it harder to study and thus cause even more tension. Test-induced stress also often causes extreme anxiety that negatively affects the students’ performance

9. Emotional/behavioral symptoms
Stress also causes moodiness, short temper, agitation that affects the students’ performance, as well as a feeling of despair and dread.

The Delhi government’s efforts may help in confronting and eradicating these problems, which are quite widespread in today’s youth.


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